Word of the Week 20/01/2017 Diet #WotW

I replaced the batteries in my bathroom scales last week, and then got on to make sure they worked… :O

So this week has seem me counting points – I’m sure you all know which diet that refers to- and cutting down on the wine. I don’t know how much progress I’ve made because I haven’t weighed myself yet, I’m saving that for Sunday but I have been to the gym and I went swimming this morning. For all these faddy diets the real way to lose way weight is to cut down, eat sensibly and exercise. I never tell myself “you can’t have that” because then I want it! I even went for a latte this morning.. skinny of course LOL! but there is not much difference in taste, and the caffeine is still the same!

I’m not going to blog about my weight loss (or not as the case may be LOL) but diet is my word for this week 🙂

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-week-2012017/


12 thoughts on “Word of the Week 20/01/2017 Diet #WotW

  1. Yes, I totally agree with you. I’m eating more healthily and fitting in more exercise, too, but can’t tell myself I’m on a diet or that I can’t have things as it makes me crave them! Best of luck with it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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