Word of the Week 17/5/2019 Gigs #WotW

I love live music, always have, there is nothing to beat the feeling of seeing your favourite(s) singers or groups on stage in front of you. Some I might see every tour (Il Divo) and some I’m seeing for the first time (Alice Cooper in October)

Now I have another name to add to my list – HUGH JACKMAN!!! I have secured myself a ticket to his Birmingham concert on Bank Holiday Monday and I CANNOT WAIT!!! I’m going by myself but I don’t care, this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Did I mention I’m excited…?

On a smaller scale, Hubby and I are going to see Talon tomorrow at Conkers Discovery Centre, they are an Eagles tribute band made up of fine musicians who also do an acoustic show. It’s our wedding anniversary today and that’s our treat 🙂

I’m now off to listen to my newly acquired Greatest Showman CD… 😀


Not a *Fan* of Fragile X – Pun intended…

Over the Easter holiday it was necessary for us to go to the supermarket and get the weekly food shop – after all we have to eat. The kids don’t mind, they like shopping and seeing how much unnecessary crap – I mean extremely important stuff – they can get in the trolley without me noticing. Sir refused to move from a display of bubble liquid and assorted paraphernalia until I agreed he could have some – it had been reduced to 25p, it would hardly break the bank so I was happy to oblige.

Then as we were heading to the checkout he spotted the fans. Sir loves fans. He watches Youtube videos of fans… and he wasn’t moving from that spot unless I got him a 16 inch desk fan. Not happening matey.

I continued to the checkout having told him NO several times, I figured he’d get fed up and follow me, I could see him and he wasn’t causing any bother to anyone else so I left him to it whilst I unloaded the shopping, packed the bags and paid. He still refused to move. I told him I’d get the big blokes from the freezers to come and shift him.. (Not really) I called him, I got Madam to try to shift him but to no avail.

The as if by magic, my Mum appeared! Huzzah! Nanny can always get the little buggers to do what they refuse to do for Mummy right? Wrong. He wouldn’t move for her either.

Forcing him to shift would just escalate matters and since he was calm, his shoes were still on his feet and I really wanted it to stay that way, I once again took a deep breath and told him we were leaving and no he wasn’t having a fan. Mum helped me escort him from the premises, Madam took charge of the trolley and we got out. The next time I went in (on my own) the fans had been moved.. can’t think why.. *ahem*

The staff were brilliant, the other customers were brilliant, there wasn’t anyone judging me. None the less you do tense up wondering just how far he’ll take it. That day I was not a *fan* of Fragile X…. 😉


Word of the Week 11/05/2019 Favourite #WotW

This week has been all about my favourite things 😀

Last Saturday my Mum, our friend and I went to see Les Miserables at the Birmingham Hippodrome. It’s one of my favourite musicals, even though I’ve only seen it twice, the other time being in London for my 40th, I’ve always loved the songs. The cast were incredible, the staging was superb. Killian Donnelly (Valjean)  and Nic Greenshields (Javert) are now amongst my favourite performers. There was loud applause after all the big numbers and a well deserved standing ovation at the end.

Lucifer is back! Oh yes, my favourite TV show has returned to Netflix after it was cancelled then revived following a massive social media campaign by fans. I don’t know how many of you watch it, I won’t spoiler it but my favourite devil is better than ever! hehehehe

Today we received our quarterly box of Hotel Chocolates – my favourite!! so they will be opened later on 😀

Next Saturday Hubby and I are going to see Talon – our favourite Eagles tribute act – as they are doing an acoustic concert at Conkers Discovery Centre (the places I go to for a gig LOL) they are extremely good, can’t wait!

Sorry to have been AWOL for so long but now I intend to get back to regular posting xx



Gardening Update for May 2019

Just come back in from the garden, we had lovely sunshine half an hour ago and now it’s raining! luckily I managed to get my re-potting done.

I’ve put the tomato plants into their own pots, they can go outside now so I put them on the decking where they were last year alongside the potatoes.

The spuds are doing really well, lots of green foliage. I did look up when to harvest them, apparently I have to wait for them to flower. I shouldn’t imagine that is far off.

I’ve put one of the peppers into it’s own pot after it got too big for the propagator. The Cayenne Peppers are growing very slowly..patience patience!

I sowed some flower seeds at the beginning of the month for some colour later in the year.

My carrots have started to sprout 🙂

Lettuce doesn’t appear to be doing quite as well but the weather hasn’t been anywhere near as good as last year. We’ll see.

As to my houseplants, I’ve taken a cutting from my Jade plant with the intention of giving it to my mum, never done that before so we’ll see how it goes. The plant had gotten too big for the space it’s in,so it needed a prune anyway.

The Cyclamen continues to flower! I had to put that in a bigger pot too, my kitchen window sill is getting crowded!


Word of the Week 13/4/2019 Different #WotW

I noticed someone else had “Different” for their word – I’m not copying honest! My reasons are well… different!

Last Sunday was different, Madam, Mum and I went to see Disney on Ice, we’ve been before but they had different characters this time, like Aladdin that we hadn’t seen previously. All three of us really enjoyed it. Things have changed since I last went to that arena, they’ve closed the car parking kiosks so you have to pay inside, that was certainly different.

Things have been different at the kids school too, they had a Healthy Living Day, which meant the timetable was different, Madam didn’t mind one bit, she did some cooking and made a quorn mince curry. Sir however objected at first (throwing his t-shirt into the loo) but he settled and did an indoor orienteering course with his friend – which was very different, apparently he enjoyed it.

Yesterday.. oh yesterday was different.. there was a different bus guide, who the kids and I didn’t recognize.. Madam got on just fine but Sir had a meltdown and refused to leave the house.. suffice to say I took him to school and I picked them both up at home time so there wouldn’t be a repeat performance. That coupled with some other stuff.. yeah.

But now we are on holiday, so we can relax and take things easy. I have been roped in to help my Mum cook lasagne on Monday so that will be different!

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

A trip to see Disney On Ice

Last Sunday Madam, Mum and I went to see Disney on Ice at the newly renamed Resorts World Arena (formerly Genting Arena, LG Arena.. NEC?)  anyway.. there. Madam took her ear muffs with her as she doesn’t like loud music – unless it’s her’s..

I drove, parking was easy enough although the kiosks on the car park are now closed and you have to either pay online or at a machine inside. Fortunately there wasn’t a queue for the machine. Afterwards I even managed to find my way back out the same way I came in – go me!

Back to the show though. I am a big kid at heart and I love these kind of things 🙂

They packed an awful lot in to the show Frozen, Lion King, Aladdin, Toy Story, Snow White, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid plus Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy.

The big numbers belonged to Aladdin, Lion King and Frozen.

There was also a big skate round of all the Disney Princesses and their respective Princes. Madam got a wave from Belle (Beauty and the Beast) which made her day.

Our seats were really good, I took some photos and videos – the security guy said take whatever you want as long as you don’t use the flash.

Madam had a fabulous time ( so did Mum and I)

Merchandise was expensive and someone needs to take a serious look at the sizing of the t-shirts. A 14-16yrs shirt that wouldn’t fit an 11 year old is not good guys..

We bought the tickets ourselves.

Word of the Week 5/4/2019 Changeable #WotW

The weather this week has certainly been changeable! where has Spring gone? Yesterday I though Winter had come back!

I changed my mind about what to get the kids for Easter, normally I buy a load of the £1 eggs, this year Madam wanted some posh looking white chocolate thing from Lidl (it wasn’t expensive) but I did think maybe I’d just get us one *nicer* egg each, that way there won’t be three tonne of chocolate hanging round the house. My mind has been very changeable this week…

I cleaned in the conservatory and put away the toys the kids hadn’t been near for months.. of course being the changeable creatures kids are as soon as they got home they wanted all the stuff I’d cleared away… :/

Have a great weekend all x