Word of the Week 12/7/2019 But… #WotW

There is always a but isn’t there… three little letters of annoyance.

“Your car has passed it’s MOT! BUT… it needs a brake test and possibly a new front tyre”

“I’ve serviced the boiler and it’s all okay BUT the flue isn’t sealed to the wall properly so I’m going to stick a big Do Not Use sticker to your boiler and when you’ve filled the hole up you can take it off”

“Ahh yes erm the job you applied for, the person you need to speak to is in a meeting BUT she can phone you back”

Thank goodness it’s Friday. BUT still another week of school to go….

Have a good weekend folks xx


Word of the Week 5/7/2019 “Like Buses” #WotW

Some things are like buses aren’t they? You wait for ages and then three turn up at once. This week’s proverbial buses have been appointments.

On Monday Sir had to go to the dentist, a surprisingly successful appointment as it happens.

Tuesday was parent’s evening, both kids are doing really well, Madam has blossomed in high school. Sir will be going to the upper school in September (along with the Sixth Form classes – he’s 15) how did that happen!

Wednesday afternoon was an appointment for me! I got my hair cut at long last, and made an appointment for Madam to get hers done at the weekend.

Yesterday I attempted to phone up to change a physio appointment for Madam, you phone a number and leave a message, trouble was every time I got to the bit where I could do that, my hay fever got the better of me and I had an almighty sneezing fit! Three tries it took me!

Today I need to phone up and book my car in for it’s MOT,  it’s due on the same day the boiler is due for a service. Like buses.


Gardening update for June

It’s been a very mixed bag to be honest, my potatoes have done really well and I’m very pleased with the results. My salad peppers have been a bit hit and miss.. three of them are doing brilliantly, the other two not so good. The Cayenne pepper has nearly died three times.. I’ve taken it out of the green house and put it out on the bit of the decking that is more shaded, it looks a lot happier today so fingers crossed. The lettuces have been a complete wash out.. cannot get them to grow for love or money. My basil is doing quite nicely. One of my tomato plants has looked half dead for weeks but there are three little tomatoes on it! Don’t talk to me about carrots….

One of my new lilies has a flower on it! the established ones it seeded from flowered, looked beautiful for two days and then all the petals fell off…

My fuchsia is starting look very good, and the lavender is much happier in it’s bigger tub. 

On a side note I bought a new garden lamp, have put it in amongst the plants on the decking 🙂


Word of the Week 29/06/2019 Socialising #WotW

I have done a lot of socialising this week, and it’s been lovely!

I’ve had two coffee mornings, lunch at the pub on Thursday and again on Friday as it was my supervisor’s last day – I wasn’t going to have lunch again but I had nothing at home so… LOL!

Tonight I’m off out again to see Il Divo in Birmingham 😀 no meet and greet this time, just the concert and a chance to catch up with more friends!

It’s nice to say sod the housework and have time for yourself occasionally, the ironing will still be there when you get back home. We run round after everyone else, so in my view we deserve it 😀

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and make the most of the weather!

Word of the Week 21/06/2019 Birthdays #WotW

This week has been all about birthdays, making sure presents have been wrapped, cards written and all duly delivered to those celebrating 🙂

Two of my friends have birthdays this week, it’s my Father In Law’s birthday today and my Mother In Law’s on Monday. It’s also my dad’s birthday at the end of this month, but no need to worry about that yet!

Though I’m not seeing my In Laws on their actual birthdays, I’ve been busy getting their gifts – not easy, they are both in their 80’s and neither of them know what they want! I hope they like the things I’ve come up with 🙂

Hope you have all had a good week!


Word of the Week 14/06/2019 Rain #WotW

Rain rain go away
Come back another day

Or maybe another month? like say November? that would be good.

I’m sick of this weather, the rain seems to have just not stopped. Monday and Tuesday the Little Dears didn’t get outside at all so by Wednesday they were climbing the proverbial walls. Fortunately the past two days it’s stopped raining long enough for them to get out at dinner time. Then promptly started again..

I admit my potato plants are loving this weather, hopefully they will flower soon and then I can see what I’ve ended up with!

Here’s to better weather soon!


Word of the Week 08/06/2019 Unsettled #WotW

Things have been a little unsettled this week, mainly the weather.. I mean seriously? Not having a summer like last year then….

Madam was unsettled this week because she forgot to bring her swimming kit home, then wasn’t able to find it at school. I phoned the leisure centre but they didn’t have it, bless the lady who spent 10 minutes searching for it! The teacher messaged me yesterday to say they’d found it – after I’d got her another one obviously but it doesn’t hurt to have more than one.

Things are unsettled at work too, people leaving and so on. Roll on the six weeks holiday.