Word of the Week 17/4/2021 Relaxing #WotW

We have been on holiday! Last year our June break at Centerparcs was cancelled due to COVID, and I rebooked it for April 12th. We weren’t sure if it would go ahead, I even looked at alternate dates in case but luck was on our side and self catering accommodations opened up from.. April 12th! It’s funny because we were there last October half term when it had to shut as Nottingham went into Tier whatever it was and now we were back on first day open.

There were a lot of differences, the pool wasn’t open, you couldn’t eat inside the restaurants and to be honest social distancing wasn’t a problem because there was hardly anyone around. I knew all this in advance though and made sure to take plenty for us and the kids to do. We did a lot of walking, the kids watched DVD’s and Youtube, they did some crafts, I read a book from cover to cover. I cannot remember when I last had such a relaxing holiday. To sit and do nothing for a few days is a real treat. Normally we’d have been getting up, going to the pool, coming back, sorting out all the swimming costumes and trying to get them dry. We’d have meals booked and on occasion an activity to do too. Don’t get me wrong I missed the pool but it was a real treat to sit in bed with a cuppa and watch the wildlife outside.

Because there was so few people it was generally very very quiet, we had no problem finding a table in the restaurants that were offering terrace dining, we ate lunch out three times, looking over the lake, very relaxing. I had two meals delivered to the lodge, both excellent. We visited the Nature centre and had a proper look round, very peaceful.

The relaxed feeling continued when we got home. Normally I’d be running round sorting washing, racing to the supermarket and so on. Not this time. I booked a food delivery for Friday afternoon 🙂 it was lovely not to have to rush about, take my time with the unpacking etc and someone to bring my shopping to me!

I’ve decided that our holiday will extend to tomorrow night, when unfortunately, Rapid Flow tests will need to resume, the alarm will need to be set and bags will have to be sorted for school on Monday. Roll on August when (hopefully) we can go again!

Word of the Week 9/4/2021 Odd WotW

I am sitting here trying to think of a word for this week, and I’ve not long learned that Prince Phillip has passed away. I can only imagine how the Queen must feel losing her husband of over 70 years. Now today feels very odd.

To be honest the whole week has been odd one way or another. Tuesday was odd. The weather was extremely odd! but the whole day had a weird feel to it and I’ve no idea why.

Wednesday was better weather, I did the food shop, Aldi was very quiet, which in itself is odd.

The keypad on the house alarm packed up luckily the people who look after it for us have been able to come out and fit a new one. Of course the alarm went off in the process which upset both kids and caused meltdowns. Sir was already out of sorts because there were *odd* people in the house whom he didn’t know.

I rushed out to pick up a parcel so I would be back in time for the alarm people, I’d been told some of my order had been delayed, and would be arriving next week. So I found it very odd when I looked at my emails and there was one telling me the remaining items were ready to collect! I hadn’t been home an hour… grr. We went today and got it.

Oddly enough I seem to have found a word 😀

March 2021

Spring has arrived, bees are buzzing and flowers are growing.

My tulips are about ready to bloom, they’ve really shot up over the past month, looks like they will be a red/orange colour.

I planted out the potatoes last weekend, no sign of life yet but I’m sure it won’t be long

This is Twig, Twig is the name I gave to a raspberry bush the kids got me for Mother’s Day. He’s in the greenhouse, quite happy and doing very well. Not sure if I’ll see fruit on it this year – we’ll see.

The tomato seeds have started to sprout, my herbs on the kitchen window sill along with the rocket and either chillies or peppers. Also inside the house I have daliahs which are doing very nicely. Next to them you can just see a succulent (also a Mother’s Day present), I’ve never had one before.

We had such nice weather for a couple of days this week, we’ve been sitting outside, having lunch and so on. Don’t normally get to do that in March!

Word of the Week 2/4/2021 Reasons to be Cheerful #WotW

Part three… Showing my age there I know. I have had lots of reasons to be cheerful this week

Spring flowers

Days without showers

Lots of sun!

The car was serviced

Now it’s fit for purpose

Hot Cross Buns!

The kids had an awards day

Proud Mum I must say

Both passed exams!

Had coffee outside

As lockdown eased Natiowide

Grateful for my friends I am!

It’s a long weekend

And the nice weather ends 😦

But there’s chocolate eggs!

There may be snow

That’s okay though

Or are they pulling our leg?

Two weeks holiday

Hip Hip Hooray

Have a good Easter Break!

Word of the Week 26/3/2021 New #WotW

It was the Spring Equinox on Saturday, heralding a new season and new beginnings. There followed a very busy week with lots of new things happening.

Sir needed new clothes, his school trousers and trackie bottoms no longer fit. He needed new trainers too, as did Madam, and me and Hubby. Perhaps I should have had expensive as my word this week! They all arrived promptly I’m glad to say. I’ve given his old trousers to the school for spares or to sell in their uniform shop.

I’ve applied for Carer’s Allowance, never felt *right* to apply before but as Sir is getting and heading to a new phase in life I thought it the right time.

Hubby had his first Covid jab on Monday, fortunately he had very minor side effects. Whilst he got that done, my friend and I went for a socially distanced walk. We came across a small park that neither of us had any idea existed! there was a lake, lots of wildlife and proper paths to walk along. It’s always good to find new places near to home.

Madam now has a bank account 🙂 we filled out the form online and then went into the bank to finish up and take proof of idea. This is her first *proper* account so it’s all new and exciting for her. We paid some birthday/Christmas money in.

I had a phone conversation this week about getting Sir a social worker for when he leaves school. The lady was very nice, we filled in a form and long story short he is eligible and the Adult Learning Disability Team will contact us in the next few months. This is a completely new process for me and I will write a separate blog post about it.

At the weekend I had an email from Ocado offering me a free delivery slot, since I’d been looking at the calendar thinking when on earth can I do the shopping I took them up on their offer! On Thursday I received my very first online food shop delivery 🙂 Very impressed, in fact I’ve booked another for next week and may even get a pass. I don’t intend giving up on visiting shops completely but it is a handy service for busy weeks. Another new thing for me!

Word of the Week 19/3/2021 Spring! #WotW

It is the Spring Equinox tomorrow which means that finally Spring has Sprung! Not that it looks particularly Spring like weather wise at the moment, there’s a bit of sun, lots of cloud.

Thanks to a cancelled phone meeting on Wednesday, which I had set the morning aside for, I took the opportunity for some Spring Cleaning. Last week I tackled Sir’s room, this time I did Madam’s. Sheets changed, shelves dusted, floor vacuumed and window cleaned. I also mopped the kitchen floor and opened a couple of windows.

I ordered some artificial tulips to sit on my kitchen windowsill, they really brighten up the kitchen. Proper plants don’t tend to grow very well on that particular sill, preferring the other one for some reason. My Daliah seeds are doing really well in that spot!

More of the trees round here are starting to blossom, the noisy house sparrows in the shrub outside my house have been busy gathering nest material. I am sure there’s a blackbird family in there too.

Of course the definitive indication of Spring’s arrival is the return of Gardener’s World! It may be sad but I really look forward to my Friday night ritual of steak dinner, bottle of wine and Monty Don. Monty being on the tele obviously! LOL!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

Word of the Week 12/3/2021 Moving Forwards #WotW

This week has felt as if things are finally moving forwards. The kids are back at school – with masks, social distancing and twice weekly tests I grant you – but they are pleased to going again and seeing their friends. Sir has been doing his test! that is a big move forward for him.

We are moving forwards with the process of getting him referred to Adult Services, so hopefully he will have support when he leaves school. He’s not leaving yet but as some of you may know, these things take time.

Hubby has received his letter inviting him to have his Covid jab, hopefully he will be done before we go away. One more step towards everyone moving forwards.

Our holiday plans are moving forwards, it’s still going ahead, you can all guess where i’m going! the pool will be closed unfortunately but they’ve given us compensation for our inconvenience, which was very nice of them. I’ve also made holiday lists and started a holiday box. Does anyone else do that? Find a big box/bag and start putting food etc in before going on a self catering holiday?

I planted some flower seeds back in January are now sprouting and moving forwards.

I’ve seen blossom on some of the trees this morning, definitely moving forwards to Spring.

Word of the Week 5/3/2021 All Go! #WotW

It has been all go this week, in fact today is the only day where there is nothing much happening!

On Monday I had to take consent forms into school so that they can perform rapid flow tests on the kids when they go back on Monday. Good luck to the school, I don’t know how far they’ll get with Sir..

However, on Tuesday Sir and I went for our Covid vaccine. He had the jab with minimal fuss! You can read about that adventure https://earlyrisingmum.wordpress.com/2021/03/02/getting-our-covid-vaccine-fragilexsyndrome/

Wednesday was EHCP review day for Madam, done over the phone, her teacher was able to have a chat with her in between the school fire alarm going off! Nothing much has changed and they’ve emailed me the paperwork.

Yesterday was a Teams meeting for parents whose kids are leaving school in a couple of years. Didn’t really tell me anything new but I find it pays to attend anyway.

Finally today is the last day of Mummy School (for now…) they are back in on Monday – and wouldn’t you know Madam has a Podiatry appointment! Booked before the return to school was announced, but it’s been well over a year since anyone has seen her. Of course it means all the Little Dears I work with will be back too. Fingers crossed we all make it to the Easter holidays! There are only 19 school days till they break up. We can do this!

Getting Our Covid Vaccine #FragileXSyndrome

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

Before the government decided young people could be made a priority for the vaccines, I had phoned my GP to ask if it were possible for Sir to have his, and also myself as his carer, mainly spurred on by the horrendous stories in the news at the time. I was told it would be a couple of weeks for him, and that they would take my details, though no promises could be made.

I was most surprised to receive two text messages the following day inviting us to make an appointment. The first available day was today – 2nd March. I’d been told that you needed to pick up a consent form on the day of your appointment. In order to try and minimise the stress all round I again phoned the GP and asked if these could be obtained in advance (this was Friday) the receptionist said she would print them off and I could collect them that day. I took a walk up a couple of hours later. I filled the forms in over the weekend.

We arrived at the center slightly early, there were parking marshals everywhere, showing you where to park, what to do and answering questions. We were advised to wait in the car with the hazard lights on until told to go in. As it happened the queue wasn’t very long so we basically joined it straight away. The admin people inside were very efficient, social distancing very well marked out. Sir was grumpy but not too unhappy!

He didn’t want to go into the main hall. It looked a little like a brightly lit theatre – he doesn’t like theatres – and staff were in full PPE. He turned round and walked out..

One of the helpers asked if we were okay, I enquired whether they had a side room we could go in, explaining Sir’s dislike of halls. Straight away he showed us through some doors to a quieter area and offered to do our jabs there. Sir’s was done without any fuss as was mine. The gentleman then showed us a back way out to avoid crowds coming in.

I cannot fault the organisation, the staff, the guy who gave us our jab, any of it. I am especially proud of Sir! I had been worried but thankfully it went swimmingly.

So, my advice would be:

Phone and see if you can collect your consent form(s) in advance

Take distractions with you – phone, food, hand held fan, whatever works and is small enough to carry.

If you have concerns about anything, tell the staff when you go in. Certainly the people I spoke too were very helpful.

Try to stay calm ( yes I know, easier said) you can have your meltdown, cry later. If you stay calm then your young person will too.

Don’t forget your mask!

Good luck and I hope all your young folks get their jabs very soon (and the older ones!)

February 2021

My potatoes arrived and they are currently chitting in the conservatory – as you do!

Under the propagator are the chillies, onions and some flower seeds. The onions were doing quite well, the chillies appear to have stalled and the flowers are yet to germinate. The potatoes are just starting to sprout.

Outside my tulip bulbs have survived snow, ice, freezing temps and rain. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, they have grown bigger since.

We’ve had some lovely weather today so I’ve been out weeding my little border and sowing some flower seeds, a wildflower mix and some sunflowers. Used the garden kneeler I treated myself to. Opened up the greenhouse to let some fresh air in, there are pots with compost already in, I just need to decided what to plant in them. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow too so I might make a start then. I also took fifteen minutes to sit outside with a cup of coffee.