Word of the Week 21/01/2021 ARGH! #WotW

Never have I ever been so happy to see the back of week. If it could go wrong this week it did. Many, many times. Notable events are the car failing it’s MOT, a positive Covid case in Madam’s class, several cases at the school I work at, having trouble with Madam at school, Sir not having a clean school shirt to put on (twice), the school taxi being so late I had to take the kids in, and various other calamities.

Yesterday was a little calmer, the kids got to school, Madam’s been testing negative on her daily LFT’s, the car will be sorted out on Saturday, I got Ocado to bring me a second delivery so my shelves are now well stocked.

Hopefully next week’s word will be Boring and my world will be back to normal.

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Word of the Week 14/1/2022 Winter #WotW

I must admit I do like a nice winters day and this week has been full of them. Cold, frosty and in the case of today foggy starts with the sun coming out as the day goes on. The House Sparrows and whoever comes to lodge in the Dogwood outside my house have been very vocal lately. Berating me for having the sheer nerve to walk up my own drive.

I bought myself a new pair of gloves. I had at least three pairs at one point but no idea where they are. They may have been stuck in a charity bag during the last big clear out I had. I’ve been properly bundled up on the playground whilst the Little Dears run round without coats on… or at least they try to until I spot them and they get told otherwise!

Winter is a time for hunkering down. My curtains are drawn before dinner time, Hubby and I retire early to bed with a sniffter to watch programmes about wine, food or music on Netflix. I even managed to start reading a book I had for Christmas 2021…

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Word of the Week 7/1/2022 Gardening #WotW

Not the word you’d expect in January but we’ve had some sunshine, and although it’s been cold I’ve been inspired to get a couple of the Big Jobs done.

Years (and I do mean years) ago we had the back garden landscaped, we had a patio, steps, a low wall, decking and a path done. We had lights put into the wall and left the middle empty with the intention of putting planters and decorative stones in it. Never happened.

A couple or years on we put the anti weed mat and some old bricks into the shorter half of the wall. Then it got left again.

On Tuesday, I’d taken the kids out so Hubby could work in peace for a bit, and we went to the garden centre. Two bags of peat free compost and two bags of decorative stones – Yorkshire Cream if you’re interested- later we went back home. I got Sir to help me bring the bags round and then set to.

The shorter half of the wall is now finished 😀 I took two planters that were already prepared, and put them in. It looks really good. The plants are bedraggled, I’ve taken the Snap Dragons out now.

So, in a fit of enthusiasm and more sunshine, Wednesday saw me pruning the Dogwood at the front of the house (and whatever else is in that overgrown mess) I’ve managed to take some of the height from it, still needs going over with a hedge trimmer but it does look slightly better.

Hubby got me a heated propagator for Christmas so later today I intend to sow my chilli seeds! maybe some onions too. I am very excited!

Finally, I had an aloe plat which literally keeled over the day before I intended to re pot it. Found a replacement for it on sale in the supermarket. Not the same kind of plant but I put it into a bigger pot and so far so good.

I actually have plans for the garden this year so it was nice to be making a start.

Word of the Week 31/12/2021 All Over #WotW

Just like that it’s all over. Christmas has been and gone in a whirl of turkey, wrapping paper and alcohol. 2021 is almost over – thank goodness – and the new year waits just round the corner.

The two week holiday is almost done, the kids and I go back to work/school on Wednesday. Though at the moment I’m enjoying the “I have no idea what day it is” phase of the break LOL!

I took the cards down today, the rest of the decorations can come down on Sunday, then it really will be all over.

I didn’t want to do a post where I look back over this year as frankly some it it was really crappy.

So instead I shall look forward – cautiously- to 2022 and wish you all a happy, healthy new year x

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Word of the Week 24/12/2021 Season’s Greetings #WotW

I put Season’s Greetings instead of Happy or Merry Christmas because I’m not sure I’ve felt happy or merry this week.

As you are all fully aware my favourite group is Il Divo, and my *man* is Carlos. Sadly Carlos passed away this week, complications from Covid apparently, and I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear or three.

It will also, probably more importantly, be the first Christmas without my Mother In Law.

It’s my turn to do Christmas dinner this year, my parents and my Father and Brother in Law are all coming here – all things being equal of course. I intend to fully enjoy the time with my family, enjoy the kids getting excited. Sir has already said to me several times today “Well…it’s Christmas Eve!!” and Madam is exploding into festive coloured glitter.

There is a festive episode of Gardeners’ World tonight – Santa was obviously listening when I said I wanted Monty Don for Christmas… hehehehe

If this year has taught me anything it’s that life is far too bloody short and that you should make the most of any and all opportunities. Appreciate the small things, especially when the big things are crap.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year xxx

Word of the Week 17/12/2021 Testing #WotW

If I were to sum up the last two weeks in the word I’d like to use, I’d have to put up a Parental Advisory Warning at the start of the post, and the content would certainly be unsuitable for younger viewers and contain strong language. So, instead, I shall attempt to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear and focus on the positives (negatives too but I’ll get to those)

To cut a very long story very very short I had to fetch Madam out of school last Wednesday and take her for a PCR test. I didn’t have my car that day, so I ended up walking there. The positive from that was I had no idea I could walk to the school from my house and it’s a useful thing to know. Also it doesn’t take long and it’s a straight route.

The PCR test was negative – which in itself is positive! The result came back early Friday morning so I sent her in to school. In the meantime they wanted me to fetch Sir home. He’d tested negative on a LFT that morning so no.

We had a quiet weekend. On Sunday I did both kids a Lateral Flow Test, they both were negative.

On Monday morning the school wanted me to fetch Madam (again) and take her for a PCR (again) I refused because the PCR she’d taken on Thursday was negative. Yes she has a cough no it isn’t Covid. They asked for permission to do another LFT – I said go ahead. Presume that was negative, I never heard back.

On Monday night I get another message saying she’d come into contact with a positive case the PREVIOUS WEDNESDAY.

Readers, I may have lost my temper.

So I took both kids out of school on Tuesday and they’ve been home since. The week had been testing enough. And the kids had been tested enough.

Today we all went into town and had breakfast at a local cafe. Sausage sandwiches all round.

School has now officially broken up and hopefully everyone will be back in the New Year.

I intend to enjoy my Christmas holidays as much as we are allowed.

Word of the Week 3/12/2021 Deliveries (Part 2) #WotW

My house is starting to resemble a furniture warehouse. The kids are having new desks and stools for their bedrooms as the main Christmas present. Madam is having a wardrobe. It all got delivered this week. So, instead of putting the decorations up at the weekend, Hubby will be assembling things. Wonder how quickly I could get a crate of gin delivered….?

Other deliveries have included the food shop (most important), letters from a certain Mr Claus that caused great excitement as Madam discovered she had indeed made it on to the Nice List. Though sometimes I do question Santa’s judgement. I’m kidding.

I also received my Il Divo tickets for their Christmas concert in Birmingham. However I won’t be going and they are now for sale on Twickets. If anyone is interested DM me and I will send you the link. Only in the UK though please.

Mum and I are not comfortable with a big venue, lots of people and a train journey to Birmingham.

One item that was supposed to have been delivered by now has not shown up… I’m being sent a replacement, hopefully it will arrive soon.

I’ve had a couple of Christmas cards too – hand delivered by neighbours and friends. I’ve written mine, they are ready to go in the post, just haven’t got round to it yet.

Have a lovely weekend all.

Word of the Week 26/11/2021 Winter is Coming #WotW

It’s suddenly gone bloomin’ cold! This morning I have been changing the duvets on all our beds to the winter ones. Madam and Hubby have been complaining that they are cold, Sir hasn’t been sleeping well – possibly because he’s cold too. Hopefully we’ll all feel a lot more snug now.

Had my Booster jab yesterday afternoon so that’s me topped up for winter. No side effects save for a little bit of a sore arm. Nothing major.

There’s been frost on the cars for the past couple of mornings, apparently s**w is forecast for this weekend or sleet or heavy rain.. either way it’s going to be rather wintery.

Christmas is just under a month away – EEP! I’ve written my cards and put stamps on them – I was bored last weekend – some folks round here have their lights and decorations up. Bit early for me.

Today is sunny, which is lovely till you come to drive with the low winter sun shining straight in your eyes!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

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Word of the Week 19/11/2021 Deliveries #WotW

Many many deliveries this week as I try to organise Christmas presents, Christmas Eve bags, and treat myself in the process.

Trying to find pyjamas for the Christmas Eve bags has been a major headache. With no success online or the shops. In desperation I looked on Amazon. Bingo. Now everyone has snazzy (not Xmas themed) pj’s ahead of The Big Day.

Buying presents has been a similar pain in the rear end. No one knows what they want, there isn’t any inspiration to be found anywhere. I am genuinely stuck. A work colleague saw something she thought Sir might like so I asked her to get it. She delivered it to me yesterday.

I found out today that two deliveries have been delayed. One till the end of January which is no good to me but the *thing* will still be required so I’m not cancelling the order.

Part of one delivery turned up yesterday, the other is supposed to be here “in time for Christmas” We shall see.

Mum and I have been delivering gifts to each others houses for various family members to give back to us on the day LOL! No surprise gifts here!

Finally my snowdrop bulbs are delivering, little green shoots have appeared!

Hope the Delivery Gods have been kind to you all.

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Word of the Week 12/11/2021 Leisurely #WotW

After the hustle and bustle of last week, life has been more leisurely over the past few days. I’ve had two coffee mornings 🙂 On Tuesday and Wednesday Hubby went Out To Work so I had the house to myself for two days! Oh it was bliss LOL! I caught up with hoovering, ironing, tidying, washing, gardening, food deliveries had ALL the windows open and started season six of Lucifer all at a nice leisurely pace.

I sorted through the Christmas presents, my wardrobe and my shoes… there’s now a charity bag waiting to go.. shoes not presents obviously!

Today I have another day off, my school is shut for an inset day and I don’t have to go in. So for the first time in two years my Mum and I went out for a coffee. We visited a lovely local garden centre that until today I had no idea existed! It was lovely to have a leisurely stroll round, coffee, buy some Christmas bits without thinking about getting back for work.

I’ve rebooked my Christmas food order and updated it. We started watching an Eagles concert we recorded last Christmas… really good but it’s three hours long… will have to watch it in stages!

Hope you’ve all had a good week.