Word of the Week 18/10/2019 Appointments #WotW

The past couple of weeks if I’m honest have been taken up with many appointments. Dentist appointment for Madam, Podiatry appointment for Sir, Parents Evening for both of them. All of them very successful thankfully.

We had an appointment with Alice Cooper – well tickets to his concert in Birmingham! it was fabulous. He is a true showman.

I’ve had “appointments” for coffee with friends hehehehe

A couple of appointments needed re booking.

All done now though, until the next batch LOL!


Word of the Week 27/09/2019 Fangirling #WotW

Yes I admit I’m a Fangirl. You can judge if you want I don’t care! My word for the week was nearly “excited” but I thought since there is an awful lot of horrible awful stuff going on in the world I would have a word that might make people chuckle even if it’s only a little bit 🙂

So back to the Fangirling well it started when I found out James Purefoy is going to play Philippe de Clermont in the next season of A Discovery of Witches – perfect casting! cannot wait! I then discovered that he and Matthew Goode did a wine show together! how I didn’t know this before I have no idea but my week improved considerably after I found out LOL!

Ball and Boe are releasing a new album, Il Divo are releasing a concert DVD – both are now on my Christmas list!

The TV adaptation of War of the Worlds is coming to BBC1 VERY SOON!!!! Robert Carlyle is in it and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Also His Dark Materials is coming to the telebox very soon and I really can’t wait for that! loved the book, hated the film, thinking the TV folks may have got it right from what I’ve seen!

My Alice Cooper tickets finally arrived! so excited, have never seen him live before.

There is so much good stuff coming up, I intend to watch/listen to all of it and ignore the crap that’s going on. Who’s with me? I’ve got wine? Gin? Tea? Coffee? Biscuits?

Word of the Week 20/09/2019 Ordering #WotW

I have spent most of this week ordering things on line, things for Sir, things for me, WINE, and Christmas presents!

I also started to put the spare bedroom into some semblance of order but that is an ongoing task and nowhere near as much fun as the shopping..

I pre ordered a Blu Ray of the last Il Divo concert and a Thomas DVD for Sir (both Christmas presents)

Madam’s Orthotist ordered her some new insoles in August but I haven’t heard anything more so will need to chase those.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Fragile X – 6th Form and Bus Passes

Sir is now in year 11, which is classed as part of the upper school, thus 6th Form – how scary is that.. he’s only just turned 15 but they put years 11-14 together. His school polo shirt now has 6th Form under the school logo. The timetable he follows mainly focuses on life skills such as cooking, housework, travelling on buses, how to handle money and work experience. He does do Maths, English and ICT but only on Mondays.

His teacher sent a note home asking if we could get him a bus pass ready for the new term.

Obtaining the bus pass was in fairness very easy, the only difficulty was Sir’s reluctance (refusal) to enter the library to have his photo taken, we eventually enticed him in with the promise of seeing the desk fan with three speeds that the staff keep behind the desk.  The pass arrived about a week later through the post.

I’d never had to get a buss pass of any sort before so here are the things I learnt during this process:

You apply for the pass in person at the local library – this is the case for Staffordshire   , you’d need to check with your local council or the school.

The person who the pass is for will need to be with you.

If the person has Disability Living Allowance/PIP take one of the letters they send with you.

If the person is only on Lower Mobility Allowance, you may get told they can’t have the pass. I explained that Sir’s school had asked me to get him one. They asked me if I had any paperwork with the school name on to prove he went there – I didn’t. I would advise you take a school headed letter of some sort with you just in case. I did explain that Sir’s disability is a Learning Disability not a Physical one.

I was asked if he needed someone with him when travelling – obviously I said yes. Make sure whoever is dealing with your request ticks the carer box on the form. This means that whoever travels with the pass holder can travel for free, be it teachers, carers or yourself.

They took his photo and that was that! He was very proud when his pass arrived 🙂 I got him a travel card wallet from Amazon (cost me all of £1.50) so now he is all set.


Word of the Week 6/9/2019 Long #WotW

This week has been really long… reaallllly looooooong! LOL! I went back to work on Monday, it’s the first time I’ve done a full week at the start of the autumn term. My kids went back on Wednesday, which somehow served to make the week seem even longer, maybe because it seemed like Monday all over again..

I’ve been going into work a bit earlier to help get the new Little Dears settled into the lunchtime shift.. that extra fifteen minutes makes for a very long dinner hour.

Getting up early is a chore too after so long not having too! the nights are getting longer too, have you noticed how early it’s getting dark?

And to cap it all my hair is too long, I need to book an appointment with the hairdresser.

Maybe I need a long G&T.. hehehehehehehe


Word of the Week 30/08/2019 Adulting #WotW

This week has mostly been about the boring grown up stuff. I have had to Adult.

Bills have had to be paid, money has had to be found to pay them, not easy when there is too much month left at the end of the money.

I’ve been making sure the kids have all their uniform. After Madam had her Orthotitcs appointment I could start the business of getting her some new shoes. Ordered the wrong size and had to return them, we now have the right size.

Remembered to use a voucher when I got Sir’s school socks and thus didn’t spend any actual cash!

I have refilled the washer fluid in my car and changed a brake light bulb.

A door thing (technical term) broke on the tumble dryer, I have ordered a new one and will be able to fit it myself when it gets here.

We even started a conversation about Christmas……

I’m now taking a break from Adulting and may binge watch something on Netflix with a handsome leading man so I can fangirl for a while LOL!!!!

Word of the Week 23/08/2019 Cleaning #WotW

All the August birthdays are done with so I’ve been able to turn my attention to giving the house a good clean. The kids have been holed up in their bedrooms which in one respect is helpful because I can just get on with the things I have to do but also unhelpful because I can’t clean their bedrooms LOL!

Instead I stuck to the bathroom and en suite, sorting cupboards and shelves, mopping floors, cleaning sinks.

I hoovered downstairs and found an awful lot of cobwebs.. whoops.

Yesterday I tackled The Coat Cupboard.. is it amazing the amount of shi.. stuff you find.. boxes of candles I didn’t know I’d got, two Winnie The Pooh children’s necklaces that I presume must have been given to Madam at some point, plus a load of boxes for mobile phones I’m not sure we even have anymore.

I even emptied out the drawers to my bedside cabinet and also my dressing table.

I admit the spare room is a tip but I’m not doing that whilst the kids are off, some things need a child free house to attempt! LOL!

Hope you all enjoy whats left if the holidays.