Gardening Update for January 2020

Not much going on in the garden as you might imagine, certainly the weather has not been conducive to getting outside. My greenhouse fell over during one particularly blustery spell. It’s okay, nothing broken and Hubby helped me set it straight again.

My house plants all look lovely and green, no flowers but that’s okay, I like greenery! I bought a new Jade plant over Christmas and that is now sitting in a bigger pot.

I’ve planted a basil seed and some Cayenne peppers, they are also on my kitchen windowsill.

I did get to clean the lid of my propagator using some clean, warm water, wasn’t sure whether to use detergent on it so I didn’t.

February is on it’s way and I will be looking to see what other seeds I can sow.

Kind of related, I got Monty Don’s Down to Earth book for Christmas and I am enjoying reading it. As you might expect it’s full of sensible advice that even a novice like me can understand. Our garden is already sorted as far as *big design* goes, we know how we want to use it, I’m just looking at ways to improve on that. Mostly practical stuff like repainting the table, re staining the decking, finishing the garden wall the way we intended and sorting out the lights. Hopefully with some decent weather we can get that done!

Word of the Week Housework (or the lack thereof) #WotW

Housework I complained to my husband over a bottle of wine last weekend is all I ever bloody do! Washing, cleaning hoovering, more washing, ironing, putting the clothes away, washing, cooking, shopping – did I mention washing??

So I took a couple of days off.. went for coffee with friends, had lunch with my parents that sort of thing.

And the result of this? did I feel more relaxed? did I feel better for leaving the chores? Yes I did. Until Thursday morning when Madam announced she didn’t have a school shirt to wear and she was not going to school in her vest. Obviously I would never let her anyway but she was in full rant. Rightly so I suppose.. the school tops were clean, they just weren’t dry so on went the tumble dryer and thankfully she was properly attired by the time the bus arrived. Yes I did immediately put all the other stuff to dry so that we wouldn’t have the same disaster/epic mummy fail the next day.

So this weekend I am diligently catching up with everything.. no rest for the wicked eh? LOL

Word of the Week 17/01/2020 Health #WotW

This week has been all about health, and the various related appointments.

Dental health has been on my agenda as I had to have a filling on Tuesday, and I’ve received a date for Madam’s next check up.

Physical health: Sir has had his next Podiatry appointment come through, and I have am due an eye test so I’ve booked that in too.

Women’s Health – I have a smear test due so I’ve arranged that. Very important ladies, get it done. Doesn’t take 5 minutes.

Mental Health or rather well being but the two are related I got my hair cut and coloured which made me feel much better. Also dealing with all these appointments as they come in makes life a lot easier rather than piling them all up.

Financial health, I made a New Year Resolution to keep a better eye on my money and so far so good.

Hope you are all in good health and have a lovely weekend x

Word of the Week 11/01/2019 Intention #WotW

First week back and I’ve found myself with quite a bit of catching up to do after basically doing nothing over Christmas 😀 so I’ve been setting an intention everyday, like a little to do list in my head. They’ve been vague like “be productive” or very specific “clean the kid’s bedrooms and let fresh air in” Especially Sir’s.. he’d been holed up in there the entire holiday so I physically watched the air leave LOL!

I’ve found it helps though, otherwise I’d have just sat here watching Robert Carlyle promote his new series Cobra all week (I did that too, just after I’d done the chores not instead of) I’ve achieved quite a bit. And yes it is my intention to watch that!

We’ve written a general to do list as well that is pinned to the notice board in the kitchen, the intention being if we can see it some of it might actually get done.. we’ll see if that works LOL!

Today (Saturday) my intention is to do the ironing – possibly with some music blasting out and also to do some baking. I have homemade mincemeat to use up.

Have a good weekend all.


Word of the Week 3/01/2020 Rested #WotW

Happy New Year!

It’s been a lovely long holiday and although I am back to work on Monday, I don’t have to start getting up early until Tuesday 🙂

We haven’t done a lot over Christmas and New Year, apart from seeing family and quick trips to the supermarket we haven’t been very far either.

We’ve all gone to bed late and slept in, no one has been in any hurry and it’s been wonderful. We are are all rested and ready to get back to normal.. well on Tuesday anyway LOL!

Word of the Week 27/12/2019 Decade #WotW

It only recently occurred to me that we are about to enter a whole new decade… and that the much anticipated year 2000 was actually 20 years ago.. although those of us of a certain age will insist that no that was the 80’s!

I got to thinking what have I done with this past ten years? how far have I come? what have I achieved? Nothing groundbreaking I’m afraid! but does that really matter?

The biggest thing was going from stay home mum to having a job. Seven years ago I started work as a dinnerlady at the infants school that Madam attended and I’m still there. I moan sometimes but it does suit me, it’s an hour fifteen minutes, I’m able to be here for my own kids, I can walk if I need to and I get all the school holidays off. The Little Dears are brilliant, they make me howl with laughter some days and in a very small way I get to help a few kids with additional needs. It feels like giving back.

I’ve discovered my inner Mama Bear. You need it when your children have a learning disability (or any kind of disability/extra needs) No one else will fight, sometimes it is just quicker to do things yourself.

Sir has almost gone through high school, Madam changed schools and is now so much happier. They both took up horse riding, Sir doesn’t go anymore but Madam does.

I joined the world of blogging and social media! I’ve made some wonderful friends, found some new interests and new degrees of Fangirling LOL!

I’ve taken up gardening in a very small way, I find it relaxing, it’s nice to be outside.

As a family we found that our favourite holidays all happened an hours drive away in Centerparcs Sherwood Forest. There was an opportunity for us to go abroad next year but no, my lot wanted to go back to Sherwood 😀

I’ve rediscovered old friendships from school, someone I knew has moved literally round the corner from me and we have regular coffee mornings.

I’ve lost track of the amount of concerts I’ve been to, but I did get to see Les Miz in London and also on the recent tour. I’ve seen Lea Salonga – someone who at that time didn’t tour often, I saw Showboat (absolutely brilliant), recently I saw Alice Cooper and also Hugh Jackman.

We’ve lost family members and we’ve gained family members. The wheel of life keeps turning.

Does make me wonder – and worry too I admit – about what the next decade will bring, I’ve always said though, everything starts at home, so whatever changes you think there should be, that’s where you should start.

May your new year and decade be happy, healthy and prosperous xx

Word of the Week 21/12/19 Finally! #WotW

It’s been a long time coming but we are FINALLY ready for Christmas – more or less LOL!

I finally got the presents wrapped on Friday whilst the kids were at school. Hubby came with me earlier in the week to get the food shop. We aren’t doing Christmas Day so there really wasn’t quite so much to buy.

The kids and I have finally broken up! Hubby finished on Tuesday, he had lots of holiday to use. I got to make full use of my new alarm clock radio – I’ve switched the alarm off now!

Today I have been doing the Christmas baking and I have finally finished! I made Whiskey Cake, Braised Red Cabbage and a Yule Log (choc swiss roll – same thing)

So now I have finally sat down I am having a well earned G&T!

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hope the kids don’t get up *too* early xx