Word of the Week 14/12/2018 Organised #WotW

Finally, as of about half an hour ago I feel like I’m getting organised for Christmas. Normally I’d have most things sorted by now but for one reason or another I hadn’t this year. I’m about ready to start wrapping the kids presents, I’ve delivered all my cards, ordered the wine and also the turkey/beef/gammon. Hubby has the day off on Tuesday so we will go buying booze (that sounds bad I know..) I think it’s possible that by the time the kids break up we will be all done – apart from some baking but I want the kids to join in with that.

The decorations are up! I have some Christmas crafts on stand by which include stuff to decorate, or I’ll keep it for next year if we don’t get time. Now for a well earned coffee!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Word of the Week 1/12/2018 Decorations #WotW

We normally put our Christmas decorations up the first weekend of December but due to colds and other commitments we are going to do it next weekend instead. Although the colds are already leading to us cancelling stuff so we’ll see!

I thought after my big tidy up earlier in the year I might get a few new decorations but to be honest I haven’t been able to find anything I liked. So I decided to make my own instead.

I got some ceramic tealight holders from Hobbycraft that you paint yourself, and some LED tea lights to go in them. My painting skills are negligible but they look okay. Now the kids want me to buy some so they can have a go 🙂 I also got one of those bottle brush tree things too in bronze which is quite pretty.

Rooting through the box containing gift bags etc I found a small box that I had a gift in, it’s pretty so I’ve put that out as a decoration.

There were a couple of Christmas cuddlies and snowman tins that the kids have in their rooms. I also have my wine bottle lights and pine cone basket.

I found a new place to hang a decorative stocking so it’s not in the way LOL!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy December!

Word of the Week 23/11/2018 Service #WotW

Unfortunately this has been a week of service calls, some planned some not.

The garage door broke on Friday evening so I had to get someone out on Saturday to mend it.

On Sunday we had a chest of drawers for Madam delivered.

Monday was Boiler Service Day.. and they chose to call at lunchtime, the one hour in the day I’m not there.. fortunately my Mum was able to come over and let the man in.

Tuesday the house alarm was due to be serviced, they turned up just as the kids got home from school.. not ideal at all but what can you do? they worked quickly so the disruption was almost minimal..almost.

That should be it now… I hope!

Have a great weekend end!

Half Term at Centerparcs Sherwood Forest @CP_UK_Sherwood @CenterParcsUK

Our last holiday of the year, we’ve managed three visits and each one has been different. This time our usual lodges weren’t available, someone had the nerve to book them! How dare they!! LOL! So I picked another in the same area. Imagine my surprise when we got to it and discovered it was one that had been done out AND THERE WAS A COFFEE MACHINE!! A COFFEE MACHINE! WHOOOP!

The view from the living area and the bedroom that Sir bagged for himself was lovely.

As we were so close to the water, we had an array for *visitors* each morning, knocking on the patio door!

The weather was really nice considering the time of year. The Winter Wonderland breaks were starting the week after we left so there were Christmas lights already up which was really nice.

We went to the pool most days, Madam and I went on the Grand Cascade, and she being the brave young lady she is went off on all the water slides. Sir preferred more sedate activities 😀 We ate out most evenings, but on the Tuesday we stayed in the lodge for food and then went to the pool early evening when it was dark. It was all lit up inside, it looked lovely and the kids thought it was brilliant.

We booked a table at Hucks (an American style diner) for Halloween, neither of the kids are fans of Halloween, but the atmosphere, fun/friendly rather than scary meant that we had a lovely time and no meltdowns. So thank you Hucks for one of the nicest Halloweens we’ve had in a while.

Needless to say we’ve already booked to go back next year!

*we paid for the holiday and any activities/food ourselves. I just like writing about it!



Word of the Week 09/11/2018 Proud #WotW

I was going to have this as my word for last week, but then I didn’t have time to write the post so I’m having it this week as it still applies.

I was very proud of Madam on holiday, that girl is fearless when it comes to the swimming pool! She disappeared off down various water slides that were mainly in the dark, and having finally convinced her that her armbands aren’t helping anymore she actually swam on her own! It was a vague doggy paddle but even so she did it!

I was proud of Sir because he went off on the playground and joined in with other kids 🙂 he also has stopped wearing armbands in the pool – they really weren’t helping him… he hasn’t tried swimming yet but he’s so tall he could probably stand up in most of the pool!

I was proud of myself because I drove home from Centerparcs! normally hubby does the *holiday* driving even though we take my car, but when we came to go home, he discovered he’d lost his glasses.. so I took the wheel 😀 He gave me directions (even though my car could probably find it’s own way home from there!) it’s the furthest I’ve driven in a while.

The last reason that I’m proud of the kids is a little sad, a young lady who was on the same school bus as them passed away at the weekend, I’m not sure how much the kids understand but I’m proud of them for dealing with it in their own way.

Achievements in October

This month


had a dentist appointment with a different dentist and he was fine with it. He let him look – quickly- at his teeth and behaved himself.

is doing really well at school, he is progressing really well.

is still attending computer club at lunch time

has been baking some very nice cakes at school and made cookies at home



had a lovely school report and has settled in really well to high school

goes to a lunch time club every day

has made a new friend at school

has made some fab models at school, one was a unicorn!


Word of the Week 26/10/2018 Finances #WotW

Just lately I’ve been thinking a lot about finances, mostly “Where has all my money gone!!” so I’ve been taking stock of them as it were.

I decided to cancel my gym membership, I rarely go and it doesn’t justify the amount I’m paying out. I’m sure if I wished to rejoin later on they’d have some super duper deal that costs a lot less..

Il Divo are coming back to the UK next year! Yippee! I looked at the ticket prices, thought about a Meet and Greet.. and then decided against it. I’ve gone for a good seat at a price I can afford now and have put that money aside. I am excited now!

Hubby and I have also looked at our house insurance and decided it’s far too much so we will be looking around to change it.

I recently discovered an old mobile phone contract that we are still paying.. we don’t even have the phones anymore! so Hubby will cancel that over the weekend.. I would have done but they won’t let me… :/

I’ve looked at ways of making a bit extra from home.. but it’s all survey filling or on line betting.. no thanks.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!