General musings about life and whatever else comes to mind.

“Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.” – C.S. Lewis

12 Responses to Home

  1. Verónica Biederman says:

    Hi, I am Verónica and Kim asked me to visit you page.

  2. irishconnell says:

    Veronica doesn’t do twitter just like you don’t do facebook. But she is a Diva and also goes to Byrneholics

  3. Dana says:

    YAY! The Senor looking soooo HOT!

  4. DeMonk says:

    Found you! Now I’ll start to peek everywhere…☺

  5. lindashotton says:

    Love the new look of your twitter page

  6. Dean B says:

    That certainly looks inviting! You would think that wine would help me sleep right? It makes me a bit sleepy yes, but as soon as I’m lying in bed … nope, I’m wide awake again.

  7. Cora says:

    So I finally got around to having a look at your site. It’s faszinating. I loved reading about your children.

  8. ljdove23 says:

    What a lovely blog! This is my first visit but I will be back to read more! #MMBC

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