Word of the Week 16/10/2020 Time #WotW

Time has featured in lots of ways this week, mainly the amount of time between now and my holiday. Worrying about how much could change in the next week and whether we’ll be able to actually go.

As I type I am on the phone chasing Madam’s tablet. We sent it off over a month ago and apart from an acknowledgement email to say it’s been received we’ve heard no more.

It’s the time of year when schools and colleges have their open days/evenings. The collage attached to Sir’s school has one next week, I’d like to go but I’m not sure about the time – or even if leaving the house will be allowed…..

I don’t agree with having a second lockdown now. I think the measures that were put into law on Wednesday should be given time to work. Of course there are idiots who think they can still do as they please, well maybe lock them up for a fortnight and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

On a lighter note I keep seeing countdowns telling me how time there is until Christmas! I have started the present buying, I have nearly all the family cards and today I bought the advent calendars.

The clocks go back next weekend.. where did the time go!

Word of the Week 09/10/20 Jigsaws #WotW

Every now and again, when I’m about to despair of all the stuff Sir has and doesn’t use, he starts to take an interest in it again.

This week both he and Madam have been spending time doing jigsaws. There are some downstairs, when they’d finished those they brought some more down. In between time Sir has been sitting quietly in his room doing them. It’s really nice to see both of them do something that doesn’t involve a screen. Especially since some of the jigsaws hadn’t been out of the cellophane until this week.

I’d forgotten just how many Thomas and Friends jigsaws we have! along side Disney Princesses, Toy Story, dinosaurs, fish – all sorts šŸ™‚ There’s a Christmas one too somewhere.

In fact I am almost tempted to move all the other crap toys and put the jigsaws out instead. They would take up a lot less space!

Word of the Week 2/10/2020 Admin and Appointments #WotW

Two words I know but they kind of go together.

Our oven packed up on Sunday – cue several trips to my Mum’s with scones and a roast dinner. I found the insurance stuff, went on line and got the repair approved. Phoned them Monday morning and the man came Wednesday. All sorted now and I ordered in pizza to celebrate LOL!

Sir had his learning disability review this week. A form came through the post for me to fill in with all the questions they would normally ask at the appointment. I filled that out and took it with me. The nurse listened to his chest, checked his oxygen levels and took his blood pressure. He behaved himself (mostly) and then I took him back to school.

I had a letter about the kids getting the flu vaccine, signed the consent form and sent that back.

Paid off the credit card bill for this month. Always a joy.

In brighter news I booked two swimming pool slots for our holiday! only a couple more weeks to go šŸ˜€ I have an small issue with a couple of other things but it’s being sorted.

I ordered some tulip bulbs too, an offer in my magazine so they only cost the postage šŸ˜€

Autumn Garden Update

You remember that scratty patch of earth I chucked old compost and seeds onto in July? well they’ve all spouted! the soil is much improved and I’ve been able to weed it properly. I also dug a fern out of the lawn and planted that in there too. I made the start of a border by complete accident! I have a small amount of compost left in the bag so I’m going to put that down too. I ordered some tulip bulbs, so I shall put those in the *border* and also some pots.

The chillies have done quite well, I’m just waiting for them to ripen along with the last of the tomatoes. I moved the chilli plants into the mini greenhouse. My parsley picked up as did the basil so I got my herbs after all! I even made some basil oil.

My spring onions didn’t fare very well in the end unlike the lettuces which just keep growing.

We got the hedges cut back a couple of weeks ago, it all looks much better.


Word of the Week 25/09/2020 Coughs and Colds #WotW

Last week I had a cold, this week Sir had it. With his cold came a cough, whilst not severe it did make me panic a little (a lot) so I phoned the COVID number. It didn’t take long to get through, and I spoke to a very lovely lady. We had a discussion about whether he would need a test, and she gave me some practical advice. She said that since I’d just got over a cold it was more likely this is what Sir had. She advised keeping an eye on him and if his cough became more severe or he got a temperature – or both – then phone back and she would book him in for a test. Fortunately neither of those things happened – thank goodness! This morning Madam said she had a cold – it may also have been PE-itus…

Of course our thermometer is an ancient Peppa Pig thing and the battery has gone. So I ordered a forehead thermometer which arrived today. Sir does not like being prodded and poked, so this will save a lot of upset should the need arise to use it.

We have no plans to go anywhere this weekend, staying in the warm will do everyone good.

Hope you all have a good weekend


Word of the Week 18/09/2020 Al Fresco #WotW

We have been al fresco a lot this past week – it sounds so much posher than outside LOL! Mainly because of Sir. He has his train set up on the dining room table and didn’t want me to take it down so we could have dinner. “Eat outside!” was his solution, it was a nice evening so we did. He even helped me set up the table and chairs. It’s amazing what kids can do when it’sĀ  in their own interests! One of the nights – Sunday I think, we sat out till quite late.

Hubby and I even ate breakfast outside after the kids had gone off to school – ssh don’t tell them!

I’ve been al fresco with the new intake of Little Dears this week, it’s my turn on playground duty. They are a lively bunch so I’m glad the weather was nice and they could let off some steam outside.

My kids have had PE outside – Cross Country for Madam, she was not impressed “I walked..” she said. I don’t blame her!

It’s meant to be a nice weekend so we may have one last BBQ before autumn properly arrives.

Hope you have had a good week.


Word of the Week 12/09/2020 Autumn #WotW

Normally I’d choose a word that actually related to the week over all but then it would have been “forms” or “cold” or “masks” or something equally boring and unpleasant! So I chose Autumn instead.

We had the hedges at the front and sides of the house dramatically cut back last Friday, it looks so much better – well it does and doesn’t, they are very bare as all the green got cut off but it’s autumn and the leaves would have fallen off anyway. I can now see exactly how many house sparrows live in there – lots it seems! and the remaining leaves are turning red.

I can see the leaves turning on the trees too.

I’d been looking for things to make an autumn decoration for my kitchen window sill but to no avail so I had a look in my cupboards. I found a bag of tiny decorative pine cones, some potpourri that no longer smells, an old glass, a bigger pine cone that fell off a Christmas decoration and an LED candle. It looks cool if I do say so myself!

The kids are back at school now, there is a definite autumn nip in the air first thing of a morning.

Today is a nice autumn day and the weather is meant to remain so for a few days. Might eat outside tonight šŸ™‚



Word of the Week 4/9/2020 Back to Work #WotW

Not that I’ve ever really been away from work, apart from the school holidays, it’s been part time up to now. One day a week during lockdown and four days when it reopened in June. My own kids have been at home all this time, they go back Monday.

The first day back was Wednesday, it was as if I’d never been away. It’s funny to see how much the kids seem to have shot up over the past six months, last time I saw them they were little dots LOL!

I’ve had to get into a new routine, no more lie ins! even though I work lunchtime, I have shopping and housework still to do, so no more lazing in bed!

It’s nice to get back to some kind of normality. However long it lasts.

Word of the Week 28/08/2020 Fruition #WotW

This past week has seen all my hard work filling out forms and making phone calls come to fruition.

Sir has received his bank card and his account is fully up and running.

His passport has been dispatched and should be with us shortly

I have started the process for his PIP application though haven’t received the form yet.

School transport is all organised – I just need them to let me know what time.

I’ve had a letter confirming return to school arrangements for the kids.

We are going to purchase a new coffee machine! one of those Nespresso things. Not that we are getting rid of our old one – oh no! I love that machine. The new one is going into the bedroom, like a teasmaid but coffee. We figured since we’ve saved money with Hubby working from home we should treat ourselves.

I hope you’ve all managed to remain safe and dry during the recent weather!

Turning 16 with Fragile X

*Disclaimer I just found out that the previous post was called Turning Sixteen with Fragile X so this is a sequel of sorts!

“Happy birthday sweet sixteen” sang Neil Sedaka – showing my age there aren’t I!

Sir turned sixteen on Friday, my little boy is now a proper young person but who knew the changes and admin that would cause.

I wrote a post a while ago about applying for school transport so he can continue getting the bus/taxi in September. No one has mentioned money yet..I guess that’s to come, but otherwise it’s sorted. It involved phone calls and a lengthy online form. The start of many it would seem.

Child Benefit was the next thing, we don’t claim, but sent back the form to say he was entitled to it anyway. This automatically produced his National Insurance Number, I’ve had the letter confirming it. Two down, many more to go.

DLA stops at age 16 and changes to PIP. I am currently beginning the process (and oh it will be a process I have no doubt) I had a letter earlier in the year asking if I wanted to be the appointee for him, filled out the form sent it back. Had a couple of snags with his payments, those are sorted. I received another letter yesterday asking me to phone up and start the claim, I answered a list of questions and now I’m being sent another form to fill in all the relevant and supporting details. Always a joy. The phone call lasted about half an hour including waiting to be answered.

At around the same time I attempted to open a bank account for him.. that didn’t go to well. I asked in my bank, they told me to fill out an online form, then bring Sir in, with either his passport or birth certificate and he could open the account that way. So I did and presto! He has has his own account. Marvellous. This was the most straightforward thing I’ve done!

In doing so though it raised the need for his passport to be renewed. Went to a well known photo store, the lady was lovely, we got his photos and a code to use with the online form. Filled out said form, but because he can’t sign his own passport I need a letter to say so… phoned the Dr’s who were very helpful and they sent my some supporting evidence. I enclosed my own letter and sent everything off. I had an email today to say they’ve received it. Of course now he’s sixteen he needs an adult passport.

I know I’ve got quite a bit done but it does feel as though I’m wading through treacle. It seems it’s okay for companies not to be able to do stuff because of these “challenging times” but not your everyday Joe Public. If they can’t get stuff done how do they expect us to? Especially when having a Learning Disability immediately makes everything three times more complicated.

That’s where I am at the moment, I will update as and when.