Word of the Week 19/10/18 Sir #WotW

First off all a big hello and thank you to @RaisieBay who has taken over the reins of Word of the Week from Jocelyn @ReadingRes! I’m sure she will be a wonderful host 🙂 Many thanks to Jocelyn too and love the new look of your blog!

Anyway, back to my week which has centred around Sir. He’s had a dentist appointment, which he did really well at. There was Parents Evening – which to be fair was for both of them now they are at the same school – he is making really good progress and then I had his ECHP meeting (Education, Care and Health Plan) not normally the most joyous occasion but got some very positive feedback and also talked about his future, sixth form etc which is a bit scary given he’s only 14!!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.




Simple Autumn Decoration

I don’t normally do craft posts so this is a bit on an experiment!

I found this idea on Pinterest and decided to have a go myself. Now, I’m going to tell you where I got some of the stuff from and how much it was but this post is in no way an advertisement or endorsement of those places, neither have they asked me to write this post it’s more to illustrate how cheap and easy it was to do.


You need:

a basket – I already had that.

pine cones – £3 for a bag of snow sprayed ones from Hobbycraft, they do various sorts.

string lights – £1.50 for 20 from ASDA, again they do various ones

Basically you arrange your lights and pine cones in your basket till you are happy with how it looks et voila! that’s it!



Word of the Week 12/10/2018 Friends #WotW

I’ve done well this week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up with friends. Two I see on a regular basis and one I haven’t seen for ages 😀 of course coffee was involved! and now I think I have well and truly set the world right LOL!

Another friend and I are going to see Lea Salonga in concert next year! My mum and I are going with that friend to see Les Miserable too 😀 many things to look forward to!

Hope you have all had a good week!



Word of the Week 05/10/2018 Artificial Plants #WotW

During my Big Clean I have disposed of some artificial plants and flowers that have seen better days, one has been around longer I have and there was also a basket display that my Nan gave me when Madam was born. Though it meant a lot to me the flowers had seen better days and the oasis was turning to dust.

So I set about looking for replacements, it took a while because I knew what I wanted, I just couldn’t find it.

I have now got two bouquets of vintage roses in one vase, a silver/green grass bush in another, white roses for small display on my window sill, a small herb plant that was meant for the kitchen but the container I was going to put it in broke, and some pine cones combined with LED string lights in the basket.

They may not be real but they have really brightened the place up!

I did get a real plant too! that has gone out into one of my containers in the garden 😀

Achievements In September

So this month

Sir has:

been to computer club at lunchtime

done good writing and learning in English

worked independently in maths

behaved himself at his podiatry appointment

settled very well into his new class

Madam has

started high school

been doing her homework straight after school on the night she’s given it

has been to games club and construction club at lunchtime

settled in very well at high school

been complimented on her rising trot at horse riding lessons.


Word of the Week 28/09/18 Autumn #WotW

Autumn is officially here, the autumn equinox was last Sunday, there’s been a bright harvest moon all week and various coffee chains are putting “bonfire” spice and “pumpkin” spice on top of their lattes 😀

I love autumn, the lovely sunny days, the leaves changing colour, crisp mornings. It’s also when I start the Big Christmas Clean. So far I’ve replaced curtains, taken down the fire guard – at last! I’ve got a big notice board for the kitchen to put all the important school letters and appointments on, it covers a lot of the wall which believe me is a good thing..

It’s not long till our autumn break at Centerparcs, so I’ve started to prepare for that.

I read somewhere, someone said they thought we should make our new year resolutions in September as there seems to more of an impetus for change whilst there’s still sunshine, unlike in January when all we (well me anyway) want to do is hide inside and forget the cold weather! I could get behind that as an idea!

This is a photo I took of the lake at Sherwood Forest last year.


Word of the Week 14/09/2018 Time #WotW

Another nine days and autumn will officially be here.. where did the time go? Both the kids are at high school now, becoming proper little (well not little) grown ups. Where did that time go??

It’s weird because although the year is passing quickly, the actual amount of time I have each day has increased. The kids are off on the school bus by ten past eight and they don’t get back home again till four, so apart from work I literally have all day to myself!

I’ve found I have time for food shopping and coffee mornings ON THE SAME DAY! I’ve found time to sort my curtains out (thank goodness that’s done with now..) time to start a massive autumn/pre Christmas clean of the house. Time to make many, many lists.. and time to just sit and have a coffee, by myself in peace like I am now 😀

Hope everyone has a great weekend!