Word of the Week 2/2/2023 Errands #WotW

I have spent most of this week running errands of one sort or another. There weren’t any errands on Monday though, that was coffee with my friend and cuddles with her dogs 🙂

On Tuesday I had to return a jumper I’d ordered, bit annoyed because it was lovely, nice length and so on but the V neck was a little too deep for my tastes so back it went.

Wednesday I had to pick up a prescription and got lucky because I wasn’t very long my parking was free! I got home in time for my food delivery and the school to phone me saying Madam didn’t have her PE kit – she didn’t it was still in the boot of my car. So after I’d dealt with the shopping I went back to school and dropped off her stuff. My mum had asked me to get her a couple of bits on my order so I took those round on my way to work. I also had an important letter to post and no stamps! Fortunately our local supermarket has a post box and sells stamps.

Madam is doing an online photography course as her skill section of the Duke of Edinburgh award she’s working towards. We watched the first two videos and headed into the garden to take photos. I emailed them to school and she got a shout out in assembly for it.

I wasn’t going to go out today (Thursday) but I decided I’d rather have Friday “at home” apart from work so off into town I went. I got all the shopping I needed, spent a fortune and treated myself to a coffee. I also managed a phone call to the Doctor. Get me eh!

Tomorrow I might pop into the college that Sir is applying for, I emailed them last week with a query and I’ve not received a reply yet. There might be a couple of other online errands I need to attend to. I don’t mind those, I can do them whilst I drink my coffee!

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January 2023

Oh my it’s been a long time since I wrote a gardening post! So first of all a very quick catch up from last year.

The cuttings and seedlings that were doing so well through October/November fell foul of the very cold weather that December brought. Everything froze and then turned to mush. Not just in the greenhouse either, I lost a few plants in the garden. I’ve pulled those that were beyond saving and cut back those that might be okay. Time will tell. I ordered a rose bush at the end of the year as I’ve always wanted one.

This month has seen my Spring bulbs start to push through, I have early daffodils flowering and for the first time ever Snowdrops. Bulbs from last year that I put in the border are also coming up. The kids and I had planters for Christmas with tulips in them and we did those at the start of the month.

I also sowed onion and chilli seeds, both I am pleased to say have germinated. They are on a heated propagator in the conservatory.

I have another pack of chilli seeds and some Verbenas I could sow this month (February) I’ll keep those inside too since we are still in winter!

Word of the Week 27/1/2023 Walking #WotW

I’ve been doing an awful lot of walking this week and if I’m really honest I did quite enjoy it. The car failed it’s MOT 😦 it ran out on Saturday and the garage couldn’t do the work until Wednesday. Hubby took the kids and I up to school on Monday and I walked home. It was really quiet and a sunny day which always helps.

On Tuesday Madam’s friend’s Dad gave me a lift home which was very nice of him. I had to walk to work and back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Because it was lunchtime there was hardly anyone about apart from the birds 🙂

Wednesday I did ALL the walking. I took my car and dropped the kids off then went to the garage and walked home. I walked to and from work. Hubby came with me to pick the kids up from school in his car. Later Madam and I walked to the garage to collect my car as she had a Dr’s appointment. We got the car first and then drove to the surgery.

I think I have definitely got my steps in this week!

Hubby said we could go for a walk on Saturday to get a new wiper blade for the car… I politely refused…

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Word of the Week 19/1/2023 Runaround #WotW

Seems I’ve done a lot of running around this week, Monday especially. After taking the kids to school, I then went back for Madam to go to her Podiatry appointment – which went very well. Took her back to school, went home for what seemed like five minutes then went to work. Home again to scoff a sandwich and back to school to fetch Sir. Come back home, sort him out then back again to get Madam from after school club!

Tuesday wasn’t so bad, I had a coffee morning with my friend and cuddles from her dogs 😀

Wednesday was fun. There are multiple roadworks in our town and on this particular morning a very nasty accident. So rather than get stuck in traffic I decided that we would walk to school. Much to the kids disgust. I admit it had snowed and there were some icy patches as Sir found out – oops. But it was quite pleasant and they got to school on time. I’m glad I didn’t runaround all the various ways to drive there, it would not have been very nice. Let’s just say the poor delivery drivers who brought my food order were stuck for three hours..

Today (Thursday) I took the car for it’s MOT which involved a bit of running around as it was right after the school run. I spent nearly an hour wandering around The Range instead of walking home to wait, I did buy something so I didn’t feel too guilty!

Tomorrow I’m having coffee with another friend. She only lives round the corner so no running around!

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Word of the Week 13/1/2023 Phone Calls #WotW

My husband will tell you – if he thinks I can’t hear him – that I spend most of my day with a phone stuck to my ear talking to either my Mum or my friend. He may or may not be right.

This week has been full of all sorts of phone calls as I tried to get Madam’s long awaited Orthopedic appointment booked.

She had an appointment with Podiatry on Monday, it was someone we hadn’t seen before and I was asking if he could help move things along. The next day he called me to ask for details of the referral so he could send a letter. In the meantime I rang the number I’d been given (several times) and eventually someone answered. We now have an appointment for February at a local hospital. I phoned the Podiatrist back to give him the good news, turned out he’d been making some calls of his own. Obviously they’d listened to him!

We had a call from the dental practice where Sir goes to tell us his dentist was leaving and also that a special appointment made for him to discuss the possibility of fillings being done under general anaesthetic wasn’t deemed necessary by the dentist that would carry out the work, the risks outweighed the benefit. So that was duly cancelled. I will be keeping an eye on things.

I had to phone the local garage and book my car in for it’s MOT which is due next week.

And of course I’ve phoned my Mum… and my friend…

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Winter Wonderland Break at Centerparcs Sherwood Forest 2022

Booked a year previously as part of Sir’s 18th birthday celebrations, permission granted to take the kids out of school and myself to have time off work our long awaited Winter Wonderland break finally rolled round.

The last time we did one of these was in 2016 and a lot has changed since then. There is now an Enchanted Light Trail and a Winter Wonderland Village. There are Elves roaming round and Santa does a tour of the village. They have free entertainment like a choir and story time for kids. Best of all they have a Festive Fayre stall selling Bratwurst, sausage rolls, hot chocolate and mulled wine! You can sit in a fairy light bedecked Tipi to partake in them too.

We had a wreath on our lodge door, and upon asking Guest Services we obtained letters to send to Santa via a talking post box in the Winter Wonderland Village. This was a high point for Madam who was beyond excited at 6.30 am on the Thursday morning to discover a reply hanging on the front door handle. I must admit I was impressed by that too. Santa’s elves do not hang about apparently!

I booked this break thinking how quiet it would be, easy to get a parking space, the pool area would be peaceful. It was busier than I’ve seen it during school holidays.

We soon learnt though that with altering our own habits a little we could enjoy a quieter break. Most of the families had pre school kids so afternoons were a better time to visit the pool as the little ones were probably napping. We booked meals slightly later to miss the tea time rush. The best was when the England match was on, everyone was either in the Sports Cafe or their own lodges watching our team do whatever it was they did. I can’t remember. We however, sat drinking mulled wine in an empty Tipi and pretty much had the light trail to ourselves. The village square completely deserted. It was wonderful.

We ate out a couple of times and cooked some meals in the lodge. We felt this gave us more flexibility and cost less money.

They had a Christmas shop and as is traditional for us I bought some decorations.

We had a lovely time, everywhere looked so festive. Even better is that Centerparcs now leave their lights and village setting up until the end of February for Winter Light breaks and we are going back to see it!

Word of the Week 7/1/2023 New Start #WotW

It was 12/11/2022 when I last did a WotW post and a lot has happened since then. We had a holiday, Christmas snuck up on us, Sir, Madam and I had the horrible flu bug which for Sir and I turned into chest/sinus infections, Christmas plans were cancelled and re arranged, Mum sent Christmas dinner to us in foil containers. I got the urge to do a clear out in our bedroom which ended with me buying a bookcase, something I have wanted for ages. We spent New Year’s Eve at home and instead of my parents visiting us on New Year’s Day for Chinese food I delivered it to their house as my Dad recovered from a minor op. If I’d done WotW at that time it would have been “Foil Trays”!

Now though we are all recovered, my Dad is feeling better, the kids are back at school, Hubby and I are back at work. I can leave the last year behind and start on this one.

Today we had my in laws and parents round for lunch. I made lasagne, we drank wine and there was even a late exchange of Christmas gifts.

In the garden my Spring bulbs are beginning to emerge a sign that even though it’s cold and dark still warmer weather and lighter days are on the way. There is lots to look forward to including a holiday in February, someone is turning 50 this year (ahem) I have tickets to concerts and events – Hubby bought me a VIP ticket to Gardener’s World Live for Christmas and I am going with my parents to see Alfie Boe later in the year.

I even made resolutions this year something I never ever do. Mainly things like making shopping lists and sticking to them.. I also resolved to listen to more music. I’ve only really had music on in the car over this past year, I haven’t bought many new CD’s and had generally lost interest. But I did miss it silly as that seems and I’ve been putting music on whilst I’m doing housework or cooking. It makes such a difference.

I’d like to wish you all a belated Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year and new starts for all those in need of one.

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Word of the Week 12/11/2022 Decorating #WotW

On Monday we are having our new hall stairs and landing carpet fitted so this past week Hubby has been preparing and painting the skirting boards. Unfortunately this has shown up the state of the walls… I would have preferred to get all the decorating done before having a new carpet but the old one is in such a state that wasn’t possible. It’s a neutral colour so it won’t matter what colour we eventually decide on for the walls. The hallway looks massive now all the clutter has gone from it!

Hubby had Thursday off and got all the painting done, so it will be well and truly dry when the carper fitters come. We treated ourselves to dinner out at a local pub. They had a few Christmas decorations up and I’ve noticed them creeping into the shops. Ours will go up a bit later this year because we’re away. So as well as decorating I’m trying to get Christmas wrapped up (boom!boom!) too.

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Word of the Week 28/10/2022 Family Time #WotW

It’s Half Term this week and we’ve been spending time as a family.

The kids and I visited the local garden centre to see the Christmas display on Monday. We go every half term, normally there are animated polar bears which are Sir’s favourite but unfortunately not this year. They still enjoyed it though.

Hubby had yesterday and today off work so we’ve taken advantage to get some shopping done and have lunch out. Madam had a new winter coat, we’ve finished getting the family Christmas cards, and ordered the turkey (sorry to anyone who isn’t ready for the “c” word yet!”

We even tried out a new coffee shop chain that’s opened in the town – well not new but we hadn’t been there so new to us.

I’ve done some online ordering too and now have ideas for more things to get.

The weather has been brilliant so of course I’ve been out in the garden. There’s talk of us having a BBQ tomorrow..

And a pumpkin to carve!

It’s nice not to be rushing about with work and school runs. Back to reality on Monday…

September/October 2022

Double the update! I just have to try and remember all the things that happened.

The potatoes didn’t really happen. There wasn’t very many of them and they weren’t very big, but they were tasty and I got a couple of meals out of them.

The tomatoes did quite well in the end though I did end up ripening the last few on the windowsill. In related news my basil plants are still going strong. It’s lovely to have fresh herbs to cook with.

Blueberry bush is looking very autumnal!

Because of the lovely weather everything is still flowering, far from putting the garden to bed it still looks like summer out there. I have self seeded Violas, Snap Dragons, Cyclamen, Sweet Williams, Carnations, Fuchsia all are in bloom.

The greenhouse is full of seedlings, cuttings and plants that I’ve got ready for next Spring, though if it stays warm the Dahlia may be able to go outside, it’s certainly big enough.

Also I’ve been collecting fallen leaves to make leaf mould. I’m not sure how successful that was this year. The top layer was bone dry and the bottom a soggy mess. However I put in on the border and round the trees anyway. Since it costs me nothing to try again I’m having another go.

Lastly I’ve been planting my Spring bulbs. Tulips and Daffodils. Hopefully the tulips will do better next year.