Word of the Week 15/03/2019 Birthday #WotW

It was my birthday on Monday – a boring day to have a birthday in my opinion – we went out for a meal at the local pub on Saturday which was very nice, cheap and cheerful with no one having to drive 😀

There was lots of wine too..and gin.

As you know I work as a dinnerlady and obviously I was working on Monday. The Deputy Head stopped the kids in the middle of their dinner and they all sang Happy Birthday to me 😀

“How old are you Miss?”


The week wasn’t all about my birthday, in fact it was pretty mundane to be honest, housework, a failed attempt to spend some of my birthday money and food shopping.

I even made my own birthday cake.. it was very nice if I do say so myself!

Madam drew a picture of Rumpelstiltskin (Once Upon A Time – Robert Carlyle)  to put on top of it bless her (he’s my new favorite actor…ahem)

Hope everyone has a great weekend xx


Word of the Week 10/3/2019 Cold #WotW

Not only has the weather been cold this week – where did spring go? but we all have colds too..

Sir came home on Thursday and said “No school for me tomorrow, school on Monday!” bless him he didn’t look well however at 6.30am Friday morning he was singing his head off! Needless to say he went to school!

It’s been freezing out on the playground with the Little Dears, I’ve not known what to wear, if I put the fleece layer in my coat I’m too hot, if I leave it out I’m too cold!

Friday I started with my cold, over the weekend Hubby and Madam have got it. Lovely.


Achievements in February

Sir went to the dentist, we had a bit of a fuss which was resolved when they allowed him to take a desk fan into the room.. don’t ask.. anyway he was okay after that.

We went out for a wander round the castle grounds in town and Sir told me what he wanted to do, where he wanted to go for a drink etc.

He’s done some lovely baking at school.

Madam continues to do well at horse riding.

She has discovered Pirate Rock music.. Alestorm to be exact.. though she’s NOT allowed to listen to all their songs.. :O

She stayed in the hairdressers by herself after Sir changed his mind about coming with us and I had to take him back to my Mum’s.. I’ve been going there since I was her age so I know the ladies really well, I wouldn’t just randomly leave her!

Word of the Week 1/3/2019 Lovely #WotW

Wasn’t the weather lovely at the start of the week! not now so much but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it felt like spring.

I got my washing dried outside, did a spot of weeding.

Thursday was spent drinking coffee with friends which is always lovely.

Today I went out for breakfast, sausage sandwich and a cuppa! Lovely! treated myself to a bunch of daffodils too 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

Word of the Week 22/02/2019 Half #WotW

It really has been a week of two halves over this half term..

The first half of the week I felt horrible, completely knocked off my feet (I’ll say it’s my age and leave it there) we made a necessary trip to Sports Direct for some school stuff, that was it.

On Tuesday I took the kids into Tamworth and we had a wander round the castle grounds, it was lovely to see so many people there. The town centre was busy too, which is good but it annoyed me because here are all these folks come to see our castle etc and there is nowhere for them to get lunch! there’s a 100 Costas here but we don’t have a McDonalds.. there are a couple of small cafes but they can’t deal with large numbers.

The weather improved towards the end of the week and I was feeling more human. Thank goodness! I caught up with some housework yesterday (and several episodes of Once Upon A Time..)

Hope you all had a good half term.. back to it on Monday..

Starting new fruit and veg for 2019

It’s nearly March and that apparently – according to the seed packets I’ve got- means you can start planting things! I ordered some potatoes at Christmas, they arrived at the end of January and they are just starting to sprout, the instructions say that’s the best time to plant them, I don’t want them going rotten, so since it’s a nice day, I’ve been out and planted them. In the kit were four potato tubers, three small grow bags, some plant/vegetable feed and also some free seeds! It only cost me P&P courtesy of being a Gardener’s World magazine subscriber. The only thing I’ve had to buy is some multi purpose compost.

It all seemed straight forward enough, fill the bags with compost, add feed, plunge the spud into about the middle of the bag and water.  Will be interesting to see what happens. Although the bags are plastic, they do seem to be reusable, which is a bonus.

Amongst the packets of seeds were tomatoes, so I dug out my small propagator and planted four of the seeds. I grew far too many plants last year, this time I intend to keep things at a more manageable level.

I took a peak at the onion seeds I planted towards the end of August.. nothing. I’ve pulled out what looks like might be them and I shall find something else to put in there.


Word of the Week 15/02/2019 Springlike #WotW

I know it’s still cold and I know it’s only February but there is definitely a springlike feel to the air. I’ve seen crocuses and daffodils start to push their way up from the ground, the birds in the hedge outside my house are chirruping more loudly, it’s not dark till at least 5pm now so the nights are starting to get lighter and the sun is out! what more could you ask for! I’ve even hung some washing out 😀

Next week is “Spring” half term and I must admit I’m looking forward to the break, we don’t have anything planned however Madam needs some new bits for school so a little shopping trip will be in order.

Have a lovely half term if you are off!