Gardening Update for July/August

After nearly losing my Cayenne pepper plant several times it is now full of potential fruit! I have moved it back into the greenhouse as the nights are starting to get a bit nippy now we are hurtling toward autumn. My favourite season but where did the summer go!

I’ll have had about ten tomatoes once they all ripen and one pepper! the basil plants did really well, I used it to make a kind of garlic pesto, which I stirred through boiled new potatoes – yummy!

I’ve planted more lettuce and a load of rocket, both of which have sprouted so we’ll see how that goes.

The carrots are looking a bit more like so fingers crossed there too. I didn’t do anything to them, I just let them get on with whatever they were doing.

I’ve taken a cutting from my fuchsia, hopefully that will take. I gave one to my friend last year and apparently it’s doing really well.

When the kids have gone back to school – and weather permitting – I shall be taking the hedge trimmer to the bush at the front of the house. There is a bramble hiding in there too along with the noisiest brigade of house sparrows known to man. I dislike it immensely but it does afford me some privacy.

I sat and ate my breakfast outside today, it’s nice to just get outside and relax 🙂 I intend to make the most of whatever good weather we get for the remaining summer!


Word of the Week 9/8/2019 Outdoors #WotW

I wasn’t here last week, we were on holiday – our usual haunt of Centerparcs Sherwood Forest.

Outdoors really covers both weeks because we’ve spent a lot of time in the fresh air! Last Monday, the first day of our holiday was glorious, Hubby and I sat outside the lodge until about 10:30pm drinking G&T’s and chilling.

Thursday was the same. We went out for Madam’s birthday, Sir refused to enter the restaurant and long story short, the staff agreed to serve us outdoors at one of the neighbouring restaurants patio tables.

After we got home the weather was so nice I managed to get all the washing dried outdoors, and in fact yesterday I did the same. I love the fresh smell of laundry that’s been outside.

The kids and I have sat outside to eat our lunch, I cleaned up a couple of plastic patio chairs that were sitting in the garage doing nothing, wish I’d done it ages ago to be honest!

Here’s hoping the nice weather continues, it is sunny at the moment but it’s meant to rain this afternoon.

Have a good weekend all!

Fragile X – Service With A Smile

We went on our second holiday of the year to Centerparcs Sherwood Forest last week and whilst we were away it was Madam’s birthday. She was given the choice of where she wanted to eat that day, she chose Rajinda Pradesh, an Indian restaurant and the *poshest* so to speak 🙂 I booked the table in advance.

So come Thursday night we arrive at Rajinda, Hubby, Madam and I are shown to the table, Sir refuses to come inside…

I went back out and together with one of the waiters tried to bribe/blackmail/cajole him into joining us but no. It is possible to enter the restaurant via the adjoining Bella Italia, I tried to get him to go round that way but nope. He wasn’t going to do that either.

A lovely lady, who works front of house came out and said she’d turned the lights up a little – Sir is not a fan of ambience.. that didn’t work either.  So she offered to serve our meal outside at one of Bella Italia’s patio tables. She insisted it wasn’t a problem, and a team of waiting staff proceeded to bring napkins, cutlery and side plates to our new table. Our server Lynne was brilliant, trekking over with drinks, food and saying it was all okay because she’d “got her steps in”

At one point I did wonder about the weather, it looked like it might rain, thankfully it didn’t.

They even put Happy Birthday in chocolate sauce on Madam’s dessert plate.

I cannot thank the staff enough, they really didn’t have to do that, it was going the extra mile. We have always found the customer service at Centerparcs to be exemplary, and the staff have always been willing to accommodate Sir’s foibles.

A shout out also to Jack at the Jardin de Sports who was completely unfazed by my request for a broom to retrieve one of Sir’s sandals from behind a basket ball game machine (don’t ask) Jack very happily went and got the shoe for me.

So thank you Lynne, Jack and the lady who’s name I don’t know you are all stars xx

Fragile X Post – Music To My Ears….?

I have always loved listening to music, my tastes are wide and varied, everything from Il Divo to Disturbed, Lewis Capaldi to Alice Cooper, Country to Blues via Rock and everything in between. Hubby is the same.

Sir likes to listen to Il Divo (nothing to with me ahem) Andre Rieu (DEFINITELY nothing to do with me) Beep Beep Imma Sheep… and various other odds and bods he finds.

Madam however has never shown the slightest interest in music until recently. Seems some of her cuddly toys have taken a liking to a little Classic Rock – Elton John, The Troggs, Eagles,  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, The Travelling Wilburys and others.

Madam herself has started listening to Taylor Swift and she loves The Greatest Showman soundtrack. She likes a bit of Les Mis too – she watched the film at school:

“The guy from the Greatest Showman was in it and there was someone’s mother too… oh and a policeman…”

That about sums it up. She declined to comment on Russell Crowe…

Now I like to listen to music when I’m driving but Madam hated it, but since I purchased a certain soundtrack that has changed. It would appear there is an unspoken agreement between my two that whoever sits in the front chooses the CD. If it’s Madam it’s Greatest Showman, if it’s Sir then Il Divo – those two CD’s will be forever in my car!

Madam was diagnosed with sensitive hearing.. I think it’s more Selective Sensitive Hearing depending on who is making the noise..she certainly likes her music loud.

I’m glad she’s found something she likes to listen to though, I was always listening to music at her age. I suppose I shall have to get acquainted with the bands of today.. I suppose… she can listen to whatever pleases her ears, though I reserve the parental right to yell “TURN THAT RACKET DOWN” just like my parents did!

Word of the Week 19/07/2019 Friends #WotW

There were a couple of words I could have used this week like Expensive (my car), Busy (me), Tired (also me) but I decided to go with a more positive post instead.

Something about it being the last week of term has made me want to make the most of any opportunity to be sociable and see my friends, after all it doesn’t matter how old your kids are, coffee mornings are not the same when they are at home!

So I’ve spent lots of time with friends this week. I’ve managed two coffee mornings and two drinks after work! I even went to the pub yesterday and today I bumped into the taxi escort that used to take Madam to Primary school.

So, as Alice Cooper would say “School’s Out For Summer!” hope everyone has a lovely break xx

Word of the Week 12/7/2019 But… #WotW

There is always a but isn’t there… three little letters of annoyance.

“Your car has passed it’s MOT! BUT… it needs a brake test and possibly a new front tyre”

“I’ve serviced the boiler and it’s all okay BUT the flue isn’t sealed to the wall properly so I’m going to stick a big Do Not Use sticker to your boiler and when you’ve filled the hole up you can take it off”

“Ahh yes erm the job you applied for, the person you need to speak to is in a meeting BUT she can phone you back”

Thank goodness it’s Friday. BUT still another week of school to go….

Have a good weekend folks xx

Word of the Week 5/7/2019 “Like Buses” #WotW

Some things are like buses aren’t they? You wait for ages and then three turn up at once. This week’s proverbial buses have been appointments.

On Monday Sir had to go to the dentist, a surprisingly successful appointment as it happens.

Tuesday was parent’s evening, both kids are doing really well, Madam has blossomed in high school. Sir will be going to the upper school in September (along with the Sixth Form classes – he’s 15) how did that happen!

Wednesday afternoon was an appointment for me! I got my hair cut at long last, and made an appointment for Madam to get hers done at the weekend.

Yesterday I attempted to phone up to change a physio appointment for Madam, you phone a number and leave a message, trouble was every time I got to the bit where I could do that, my hay fever got the better of me and I had an almighty sneezing fit! Three tries it took me!

Today I need to phone up and book my car in for it’s MOT,  it’s due on the same day the boiler is due for a service. Like buses.