Friday Song 22/09/2017 Innocence Houdini Girl Happy Friday


#SSAmazingAchievements 21/09/2017 Wearing Pants At Home

My ongoing attempts to get Sir toilet trained at home have been well documented on here, the main stumbling block has been his point blank refusal to even consider wearing his pants when at home. He will wear them at school, at Drayton Manor Park and on holiday when we go swimming he will happily …

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#SSAmazingAchievements 14/09/2017 Going to a new school

I have mentioned that Madam is changing schools, this week finally saw her go for a couple of transition visits. She was feeling nervous and excited as you would expect. Her buddy Mrs B went with her. She has had a fabulous time, she has joined in with lessons, put her hand up to answer …

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