Word of the Week 18/05/2018 Asking #WotW

If you don't ask then you don't get as the saying goes, and I've done quite a bit of asking this week. I asked about having an extra bin as Sir's pads generate extra waste for us, I was unaware until recently that you could do this but I've been successful and the new bin …

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Achievements in April 2018

Sir has: Continued to do very well with not bringing home washing from school Recognized that he gets stickers if he's a good boy and started asking for them! Went on a school trip to a soft play area and thoroughly enjoyed himself Helped me plant vegetable seeds Helped me keep my laundry up to …

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Planting 21/4/2018 #WotW #FragileX #Gardening

Much like the compost I've been using, this is a multi purpose post LOL! I've been planning to start planting vegetable and flower seeds for a while now, I already have some basil and sunflowers done. When I went food shopping, I picked up a propagator set from Aldi, which came with a bag of …

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