May and June 2021

There were lots of reasons I didn’t do a post in May which I won’t go into, so I’ve done a double update instead.

Everything is looking very green at the moment especially the tomatoes and potatoes

Today I took delivery of a blackberry and a blueberry bush. I think we may get a few fruits from the blackberry!

There is some colour peeking out!

And my salad “bowl” is getting into it’s stride too, a mix of lettuce, radishes and rocket

Can’t believe we are halfway through the year and soon it will be time to start harvesting stuff! At the moment though I’m all about enjoying the garden, there isn’t much for me to do apart from feeding/watering – and the rain has done most of that!

April 2021

Despite the cold weather and a few false starts, things now seem to be growing. I gave up on my tomato plants and sowed some more along with basil. I’ve moved the onions outside to the greenhouse along with some flower seedlings.

The chillies, peppers, rocket and herbs on the kitchen windowsill are all doing better

I’m very proud of the dahlias, they are now outside and looking very happy!

Tulips have been blown about in the wind, the red ones are starting to lose their petals but a couple of the others are still going strong.

Twig is now out of the greenhouse, next to the potatoes which have started to sprout. It’s a little more sheltered and not so easy for the birds to see it.

My garden lilies are doing very well, they come up every year without fail. Never seem to last long but are very very pretty.

Finally the Azalea is in full bloom, lots of lovely pink flowers 🙂

March 2021

Spring has arrived, bees are buzzing and flowers are growing.

My tulips are about ready to bloom, they’ve really shot up over the past month, looks like they will be a red/orange colour.

I planted out the potatoes last weekend, no sign of life yet but I’m sure it won’t be long

This is Twig, Twig is the name I gave to a raspberry bush the kids got me for Mother’s Day. He’s in the greenhouse, quite happy and doing very well. Not sure if I’ll see fruit on it this year – we’ll see.

The tomato seeds have started to sprout, my herbs on the kitchen window sill along with the rocket and either chillies or peppers. Also inside the house I have daliahs which are doing very nicely. Next to them you can just see a succulent (also a Mother’s Day present), I’ve never had one before.

We had such nice weather for a couple of days this week, we’ve been sitting outside, having lunch and so on. Don’t normally get to do that in March!

February 2021

My potatoes arrived and they are currently chitting in the conservatory – as you do!

Under the propagator are the chillies, onions and some flower seeds. The onions were doing quite well, the chillies appear to have stalled and the flowers are yet to germinate. The potatoes are just starting to sprout.

Outside my tulip bulbs have survived snow, ice, freezing temps and rain. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, they have grown bigger since.

We’ve had some lovely weather today so I’ve been out weeding my little border and sowing some flower seeds, a wildflower mix and some sunflowers. Used the garden kneeler I treated myself to. Opened up the greenhouse to let some fresh air in, there are pots with compost already in, I just need to decided what to plant in them. It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow too so I might make a start then. I also took fifteen minutes to sit outside with a cup of coffee.

January 2021

I know January is not really a gardening month, it’s bloomin cold out there and personally I don’t have that much to *garden* Most of my activity revolves around attempting to grow vegetables and maybe a few flowers. All of it in containers. The nearest I’ve got is watching Gardener’s World and reading the accompanying magazine!

However, whilst reading the latest edition Monty Don advised planting chillies and onions in January so that by spring they would be healthy young plants. I realised this is where I’d been going wrong, I was planting the seeds far too late and also overcrowding the containers.

Having ordered a branded peat free compost and dug out my seed tin I set to planting half a dozen chilli seeds and a similar number of onions. They now reside on my kitchen window sills. When they get bigger and the weather gets warmer they can move to the conservatory and hopefully then outside.

After perusing my seed catalogue I ordered some potatoes, Charlotte, am waiting for those to be dispatched. I already have the bags to grown them in.

On a side note, my son has been growing a Spider plant at school, it came home for the Christmas holiday and it too now resides on the window ledge. I’ve given it a prune since this photo was taken. It still looks good though!

That’s about it for this month. I shall post again in February.

Autumn Garden Update

You remember that scratty patch of earth I chucked old compost and seeds onto in July? well they’ve all spouted! the soil is much improved and I’ve been able to weed it properly. I also dug a fern out of the lawn and planted that in there too. I made the start of a border by complete accident! I have a small amount of compost left in the bag so I’m going to put that down too. I ordered some tulip bulbs, so I shall put those in the *border* and also some pots.

The chillies have done quite well, I’m just waiting for them to ripen along with the last of the tomatoes. I moved the chilli plants into the mini greenhouse. My parsley picked up as did the basil so I got my herbs after all! I even made some basil oil.

My spring onions didn’t fare very well in the end unlike the lettuces which just keep growing.

We got the hedges cut back a couple of weeks ago, it all looks much better.


Gardening Update… 7 months later…

The last gardening post I wrote was in January. I just sat and read it, I sounded so optimistic back then..

One silver lining of the pandemic is that I have spent a lot more time in my garden this year than ever before. I got a new cover for my greenhouse, I filled it with carrots, peppers, lettuce, chillies, tomatoes, basil, parsley, spring onions, onions and radishes. Everything sprouted, green leaves everywhere, I sowed flower seeds, they showed promise, everything looked wonderful.

Until it didn’t. The flowers never really took, one lot got well and truly munched by something. I pulled them up today, poor bedraggled looking things. Not to give up though, I emptied the year old compost out of my potato bags onto a rather barren patch at the edge of the lawn. I sprinkled my remaining flower seeds onto it and left them to do whatever. At best I may get some wild flowers – at worst I’ll have better quality weeds! all good for the insects though.

The basil and parsley have failed miserably so far, I pulled a couple of those up today too. I have some more so fingers crossed at some point I may still get some fresh herbs.

The lettuces, radishes, tomatoes, peppers and chillies have all done really well! I took an idea from Adam Frost (Gardener’s World) and planted my salad in an old aluminum turkey tray, it worked brilliantly! currently on my third crop of lettuce, fourth lot of radishes. The spring onions are looking good too. I’m not commenting on the carrots. The jury is out at the moment.

We are going to get the hedges at the front of the house professionally pruned, they’ve gone wild. I can’t keep on top of it anymore. Just waiting for the man to give us a date.

That’s all for now, I’ll do another update in a couple of months when I’ve harvested (hopefully) more of my veg.

Gardening Update for January 2020

Not much going on in the garden as you might imagine, certainly the weather has not been conducive to getting outside. My greenhouse fell over during one particularly blustery spell. It’s okay, nothing broken and Hubby helped me set it straight again.

My house plants all look lovely and green, no flowers but that’s okay, I like greenery! I bought a new Jade plant over Christmas and that is now sitting in a bigger pot.

I’ve planted a basil seed and some Cayenne peppers, they are also on my kitchen windowsill.

I did get to clean the lid of my propagator using some clean, warm water, wasn’t sure whether to use detergent on it so I didn’t.

February is on it’s way and I will be looking to see what other seeds I can sow.

Kind of related, I got Monty Don’s Down to Earth book for Christmas and I am enjoying reading it. As you might expect it’s full of sensible advice that even a novice like me can understand. Our garden is already sorted as far as *big design* goes, we know how we want to use it, I’m just looking at ways to improve on that. Mostly practical stuff like repainting the table, re staining the decking, finishing the garden wall the way we intended and sorting out the lights. Hopefully with some decent weather we can get that done!

Gardening Update for July/August

After nearly losing my Cayenne pepper plant several times it is now full of potential fruit! I have moved it back into the greenhouse as the nights are starting to get a bit nippy now we are hurtling toward autumn. My favourite season but where did the summer go!

I’ll have had about ten tomatoes once they all ripen and one pepper! the basil plants did really well, I used it to make a kind of garlic pesto, which I stirred through boiled new potatoes – yummy!

I’ve planted more lettuce and a load of rocket, both of which have sprouted so we’ll see how that goes.

The carrots are looking a bit more like so fingers crossed there too. I didn’t do anything to them, I just let them get on with whatever they were doing.

I’ve taken a cutting from my fuchsia, hopefully that will take. I gave one to my friend last year and apparently it’s doing really well.

When the kids have gone back to school – and weather permitting – I shall be taking the hedge trimmer to the bush at the front of the house. There is a bramble hiding in there too along with the noisiest brigade of house sparrows known to man. I dislike it immensely but it does afford me some privacy.

I sat and ate my breakfast outside today, it’s nice to just get outside and relax 🙂 I intend to make the most of whatever good weather we get for the remaining summer!

Gardening update for June

It’s been a very mixed bag to be honest, my potatoes have done really well and I’m very pleased with the results. My salad peppers have been a bit hit and miss.. three of them are doing brilliantly, the other two not so good. The Cayenne pepper has nearly died three times.. I’ve taken it out of the green house and put it out on the bit of the decking that is more shaded, it looks a lot happier today so fingers crossed. The lettuces have been a complete wash out.. cannot get them to grow for love or money. My basil is doing quite nicely. One of my tomato plants has looked half dead for weeks but there are three little tomatoes on it! Don’t talk to me about carrots….

One of my new lilies has a flower on it! the established ones it seeded from flowered, looked beautiful for two days and then all the petals fell off…

My fuchsia is starting look very good, and the lavender is much happier in it’s bigger tub. 

On a side note I bought a new garden lamp, have put it in amongst the plants on the decking 🙂