Word of the Week 21/10/2016 Christmas #WotW

Yes I know we haven’t had Halloween yet and it’s still October, but the festive season has dominated my thoughts this week. We are on holiday right before Christmas so organization is key.

I was talking to my Mum, she offered to get milk and whatever for us so I wouldn’t have to worry when I got back. She asked meΒ  when would I get my *fresh stuff* would I really want to go round the supermarket at 7am on Christmas Eve…? I was about to say well yes, when she said for goodness sake Karen would having cook from frozen veg on Christmas Day really be that bad? What do you think Aunt Bessies is for? You know what.. she’s right. I was putting so much unnecessary pressure on myself over a few spuds. It was a proper light bulb moment. So, I have decided I will buy some nice ready made veg dishes that can be frozen, cooked from frozen, stock my freezer and on Christmas Eve I will just have to take everything out that needs defrosting. I have even made a Christmas Dinner food list and I will go shopping purposely to get those items, so that I know I have them. Mince pies, cake can all be made in advance and frozen too. My Inner Domestic Goddess has been given wine, chocolate and told to shut it along with that nagging inner voice that tells us women that Christmas Dinner has to be perfect or it’ll all be a disaster and the sky will fall in. It won’t. I know people who have egg and chips for Christmas dinner. Y’know I think I could make a whole nother post about the pressure we put on ourselves at that time of year…

I have also been ordering Christmas presents.. I actually started Christmas shopping in June.. I’ve updated my address book and by default cut the number of cards I’ll be sending. I’ve had parcels arriving from that big online store and hiding the contents from prying eyes. I’ve made a list of what we’ve bought the kids, I’ve ordered Santa Letters, I’m making my lists and checking them twice! LOL!

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/10/2016 Christmas #WotW

  1. Hi Karen, I like your style. I am not a very organised person on the whole, but when it comes to Christmas I like to be pretty much sorted by the end of November so that I can enjoy December (I love the atmosphere in the build up to Christmas).

    Christmas shouldn’t be about running ourselves ragged striving for ‘perfection’, it should be a time for enjoying one another’s company. Frozen veg never killed anyone, well not many I would have thought.

    Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for linking up with the #MMBC

    1. Hi Deb πŸ™‚ thank you! I love the build up to Christmas, and I generally get in full swing at the start of December. I don’t think perfection exists, it’s just something we all feel we *must* achieve. Well my frozen veg will be perfect! LOL!

  2. Cora

    Your organizational talents allways leave me in awe! But yes, do not put any more pressure on yourself than absolutely necessary. Your Christmas will be wonderful because you’ll spend it with your family and perfect is something that doesn’t exist anyway. Your mother is sooo right! (As usual, I guess ;))

    1. That is very true.. on all counts! especially the bit about Mum being right LOL!!! I’m going to stop worrying and concentrate on getting sorted. That way I’ll enjoy my holiday πŸ˜€

  3. Good point. I usually pop over to the farm to order my turkey by now. Although I suspect the farmer reserves one for me each year. That is usually as far as my organizing goes, except this year I’m trying to get ahead with the handmade gifts and I should have stockings sorted too. Maybe I’m more organized than I realised. Hope it all goes to plan for you. #wotw

  4. angiemwebster77

    Nothing wrong with being prepared, I’m almost finished gift buying and next I’m moving on to food, there are some really nice ready prepared veg dishes and spuds available so I agree with your mum better than fighting the crazy queues on Christmas eve. #WotW

  5. I have barely thought about Christmas! That said, we will be hitting Hobbycraft this week as we are making our presents this year and funny you should mention frozen veg and Aunt Bessie because that is most likely what I will be doing #MMBC x

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