Word of the Week 16/10/2015 Oven #WOTW

My oven has packed up.. well technically it’s the timer that is broken. It won’t let the oven stay on long enough for it to cook anything, it switches it off after a couple of minutes. Most annoying. Since the oven is almost 20 years old, there is little point in getting it fixed so we are getting a new one.

Except you can never just buy one can you? Or is that just us? Hubby has researched and researched. He would’ve researched some more if I hadn’t had a hissy fit and insisted we ordered it NOW. If it was a computer part it would’ve been here by now…

Anyway, Madam and I have the day off today so we are going to go and order it. I may pay extra for two day delivery we’ll see.

I’m linking with Jocelyn http://www.thereadingresidence.com/word-of-the-week-161015/

18 thoughts on “Word of the Week 16/10/2015 Oven #WOTW

  1. Ah, this was us with a fridge freezer a couple of weeks ago! Though I get impatient with too much research, so we settled on one quite quickly! Best of luck sorting yours, and sorting it soon! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Argh, I would seriously struggle without my oven – yours did really well to last 20 years! I hope your new one gets delivered swiftly! Xxx #wotw

  3. Oh dear, hope it arrives and is installed quickly. I found that when we were without an oven (when we did our kitchen) that I just craved something oven cooked – typical! #wotw

  4. I hope you have your new oven by now. Twenty years is good going though. My oven in the flat had to have is element changed so many times and we only lived there for seven years! x

    • They don’t make stuff like they used to! The oven was here when we moved in so it didn’t owe us anything. The new oven is FAB!

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