Pre Sale Opportunity for UK Divas

Sort of. There are a couple of promotions running in the UK at the moment to obtain a pass code that will allow you to enter a ‘pre sale’ sounds exciting eh?

Well.. in true Il Divo ticket sales fashion it’s not that simple.

We are only guaranteed to receive a pass code. Getting a pass code does not mean we are guaranteed a ticket. Ticket numbers are limited and you can only buy up to four tickets. The pass code can only be used once.

There are no details of dates or venues. You only find that out when you log on to the sale and then you can select where you want your tickets for. There is no mention of M&G tickets, prices, or whether you can actually pick your own seat. I know Divas in other countries may think this unfair but believe me I don’t think you are missing much. Maybe there will be other promos in other countries. I would imagine tour dates will be announced very shortly anyway, and it may be they are staggering the ticket sales. It just so happens the UK is first. Could have been the US, could have been anyone. Just my opinion, I really have no idea what they are thinking.

Anyway, here are the links to the promotions:

Personally, I’m going to take a look at the Amazon sale as apparently I’m already qualified for it. I will take a look at dates/venues/prices/ticket choice and report back. I may wait for the General sales if I don’t like the look of it.

Obviously as dates are announced I will post them here 🙂

Updated 18/10/2015

Had an email from Amazon UK

Dear customer,

Thank you for ordering Il Divo’s new album Amor & Pasion. On or before 3 November, 2015 you will receive an email with a passcode. This passcode gives you access to a 48-hour presale window for the Il Divo 2016 UK tour, giving you the chance to buy up to four(4) tickets before they go on general release to the public. This presale window opens at 09.00 GMT on Wednesday, 4 November and closes at 08.59 GMT on Friday, 6 November.


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