#SmallStepsAA 16/11/17 Making Breakfast

The kids surprised me last week, during the pre school run rush of lunch boxes and buses, they both made their own breakfast! Sir put himself some Shreddies into a bowl and poured the milk. I warmed them in the microwave for him, he got himself a table mat and a spoon. Meanwhile Madam took …

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#SmallStepsAA 06/11/2017 First Trip To The Cinema

Madam is massive My Little Pony fan so when the movie hit cinemas a few days before half term, I looked to see what the times were so she could go and see it. However it seemed that halfway through half term it disappeared from the screens, so when I saw a Facebook post yesterday …

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#SSAmazingAchievements 06/10/2017 Annual Review Time

Sir's Statement of Educational Need is being changed to an Education Health and Care Plan (as is Madam's, in fact hers is done and the change of school is the result) anyway, I had to attend a meeting to see what was what. I got the opportunity to meet his new teacher Mr H, who …

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