Where is the outrage?

Outrage is what keeps the likes of Twitter and Facebook in business.

There’s a Professional Dancer on Strictly – it says so on his/her Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profile OUTRAGE

There are no songs in the current BBC adaptation of Les Miserables OUTRAGE

Piers Morgan doesn’t like Vegan sausage rolls OUTRAGE

Vegans in general OUTRAGE

There are Easter Eggs in the supermarkets and it’s only January OUTRAGE

A group of people cross the channel in a dinghy OUTRAGE (from both sides of the debate)

A Controversial Figure says something OUTRAGE

The *wrong act* gets voted out of a *talent* show OUTRAGE

Person uses a racist/homophobic/transphobic remarkย  OUTRAGE (rightly)

Gender neutral toilets OUTRAGE

Disabled adults/children being changed on filthy toilet floors because suitable facilities aren’t available – SILENCE

Person says Retard/F*cktard/Libtard/Dotard S I L E N C E

Autistic teenagers locked up in windowless rooms – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people having all their teeth removed without their families knowledge or consent – SILENCE


Learning Disabled people suffering abuse after abuse after abuse AND NO ONE SAYS A BLOODY THING.

Many many many (far too many) “avoidable deaths” SILENCE

Promises of “lessons being learned” HA.

Children with SEND being excluded from schools and parents left without any support – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people taken miles from the families and effectively locked up – SILENCE

Inquests into avoidable deaths and the health authority is lawyer-ed up to it’s ears – the family have to rely on savings/legal aid and suffer unimaginable amounts of stress – SILENCE

If these things happened to any other minority group or indeed if it happened to an animal the outrage would be audible from space, so why not when it happens – and continues to happen to Learning Disabled people. You can blame any political party you like they are ALL guilty of it and NONE of them give a DAMN. Because The People don’t give a damn. They don’t think it will win them votes, so they waffle off some load of BS or other and think that’ll do. It won’t.

So come on Outraged of Twitter, Angry of Facebook I dare you, put your outrage to good use. Get angry about things that actually matter. Get on your soapbox for an actual cause.

As people are so fond of saying “this is 2019 not 1919”

Yes it is. So act like it.





Word of the Week 22/12/2018 Traditions #WotW

This word has nothing to do with my week overall, it’s more to do with today and tomorrow but this week has been so crappy I really didn’t want to write about.

Instead let me tell you about how I’ve decided that the nearest weekend to when the kids break up from school will be Festive Baking Day and we will make the Irish Whiskey Cake (that’s our Christmas cake) mince pies and anything else that takes our fancy. Sir loves baking at school so it will be nice for him to help me at home. He helped make the whiskey cake today.

Tomorrow (or nearest day to Christmas Eve) we will go to Leamington Spa to get the turkey and other assorted meat. There is a fabulous butcher over there, near where Hubby works and we get a lot of stuff from them. We may even have lunch out. We started this tradition last year, surprisingly the kids loved it!

On Christmas Eve we will open our Christmas Eve bags, pyjamas, books, activities, miniatures for Hubby and I and sweeties for everyone ๐Ÿ˜€ Normally I go shopping for “fresh stuff” but not this year as my In Laws are coming over, which has been something of a tradition for some years. I have got my veg from M&S as theirs lasts for ages, and will be fine on Xmas Day.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, celebrating with whatever traditions you have in your family xxx

Achievements In September

So this month

Sir has:

been to computer club at lunchtime

done good writing and learning in English

worked independently in maths

behaved himself at his podiatry appointment

settled very well into his new class

Madam has

started high school

been doing her homework straight after school on the night she’s given it

has been to games club and construction club at lunchtime

settled in very well at high school

been complimented on her rising trot at horse riding lessons.


Word of the Week 28/09/18 Autumn #WotW

Autumn is officially here, the autumn equinox was last Sunday, there’s been a bright harvest moon all week and various coffee chains are putting “bonfire” spice and “pumpkin” spice on top of their lattes ๐Ÿ˜€

I love autumn, the lovely sunny days, the leaves changing colour, crisp mornings. It’s also when I start the Big Christmas Clean. So far I’ve replaced curtains, taken down the fire guard – at last! I’ve got a big notice board for the kitchen to put all the important school letters and appointments on, it covers a lot of the wall which believe me is a good thing..

It’s not long till our autumn break at Centerparcs, so I’ve started to prepare for that.

I read somewhere, someone said they thought we should make our new year resolutions in September as there seems to more of an impetus for change whilst there’s still sunshine, unlike in January when all we (well me anyway) want to do is hide inside and forget the cold weather! I could get behind that as an idea!

This is a photo I took of the lake at Sherwood Forest last year.


Word of the Week 14/09/2018 Time #WotW

Another nine days and autumn will officially be here.. where did the time go? Both the kids are at high school now, becoming proper little (well not little) grown ups. Where did that time go??

It’s weird because although the year is passing quickly, the actual amount of time I have each day has increased. The kids are off on the school bus by ten past eight and they don’t get back home again till four, so apart from work I literally have all day to myself!

I’ve found I have time for food shopping and coffee mornings ON THE SAME DAY! I’ve found time to sort my curtains out (thank goodness that’s done with now..) time to start a massive autumn/pre Christmas clean of the house. Time to make many, many lists.. and time to just sit and have a coffee, by myself in peace like I am now ๐Ÿ˜€

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Word of the Week 24/08/2018 Unplanned #WotW

I have chosen unplanned as this week’s word because a) we didn’t have much planned and b) a couple of things happened that were unplanned.

First of all Madam had an appointment at the orthostist on Tuesday, given Sir’s dislike of hospitals I had planned for my Mum to look after him. He however had other ideas and insisted that he wanted to come too. But it worked out well as the orthotist was able to take a sneaky look at Sir’s feet and gave me some good advice. Afterwards we took an unplanned trip to Costa and then went to get Sir’s school shoes and both sets of PE trainers.

I went to do the food shop on Wednesday, I had planned which stores I wanted to visit, but due to roadworks I ended up shopping at just one of them – very unplanned and it cost me more money..

Thursday I took the kids fruit picking, thinking I knew where I was going.. but we took an unplanned diversion because I went the wrong way at a set of lights.. whoops.

Hope everyone has a good weekend

Word of the Week 21/07/2018 Shopping #WotW

My word could also have been “retail park” as that’s where I’ve spent most of this week, or Costa because there’s one at the retail park and you can’t not go in and get an iced latte when it’s this hot!

I’ve been holiday shopping, birthday shopping, baby shopping (not for me!), teacher present shopping and food shopping!

I didn’t do a *big* shop and I think I’ve probably spent more money as a result…and as for my poor credit card…

Everyone’s birthday (Madam, Sir and Hubby) are in August, I wanted to get things sorted before the kids broke up, fitting in shopping trips around sports days, leavers assemblies, leavers parties and all the other end of term stuff.

All done now (well nearly..) hope everyone had a great last week of term!