January 2023

Oh my it’s been a long time since I wrote a gardening post! So first of all a very quick catch up from last year.

The cuttings and seedlings that were doing so well through October/November fell foul of the very cold weather that December brought. Everything froze and then turned to mush. Not just in the greenhouse either, I lost a few plants in the garden. I’ve pulled those that were beyond saving and cut back those that might be okay. Time will tell. I ordered a rose bush at the end of the year as I’ve always wanted one.

This month has seen my Spring bulbs start to push through, I have early daffodils flowering and for the first time ever Snowdrops. Bulbs from last year that I put in the border are also coming up. The kids and I had planters for Christmas with tulips in them and we did those at the start of the month.

I also sowed onion and chilli seeds, both I am pleased to say have germinated. They are on a heated propagator in the conservatory.

I have another pack of chilli seeds and some Verbenas I could sow this month (February) I’ll keep those inside too since we are still in winter!

Word of the Week 19/1/2023 Runaround #WotW

Seems I’ve done a lot of running around this week, Monday especially. After taking the kids to school, I then went back for Madam to go to her Podiatry appointment – which went very well. Took her back to school, went home for what seemed like five minutes then went to work. Home again to scoff a sandwich and back to school to fetch Sir. Come back home, sort him out then back again to get Madam from after school club!

Tuesday wasn’t so bad, I had a coffee morning with my friend and cuddles from her dogs 😀

Wednesday was fun. There are multiple roadworks in our town and on this particular morning a very nasty accident. So rather than get stuck in traffic I decided that we would walk to school. Much to the kids disgust. I admit it had snowed and there were some icy patches as Sir found out – oops. But it was quite pleasant and they got to school on time. I’m glad I didn’t runaround all the various ways to drive there, it would not have been very nice. Let’s just say the poor delivery drivers who brought my food order were stuck for three hours..

Today (Thursday) I took the car for it’s MOT which involved a bit of running around as it was right after the school run. I spent nearly an hour wandering around The Range instead of walking home to wait, I did buy something so I didn’t feel too guilty!

Tomorrow I’m having coffee with another friend. She only lives round the corner so no running around!

Photo by NikAff on Pexels.com

Word of the Week 5/8/2022 Family #WotW

This week has been all about seeing and spending time with family.

It was Madam’s birthday on Monday so on Saturday we went out for lunch to celebrate and Sunday my Mum invited us over for food.

We didn’t do a lot on the actual day, Hubby was working, but her BFF did pop by with a card and present so that made her happy.

The kids and I popped to Mum’s on Wednesday afternoon, mainly to get them out of the house… We sat in the garden and had a G&T – not the kids obviously! it made a nice change.

Today Hubby’s car is in for it’s MOT so he has the day off work. We went to the local retail park for a nose about, considered going for a coffee whilst we were there but decided the coffee is cheaper at home!

We received Sir’s assessment from the Social Worker, which is very detailed and describes our family life very well.

I know Sir particularly has been getting a bit bored lately so I’ve been thinking of ways to keep him entertained, maybe spend a little more time doing family things. There’s a nature reserve literally on our doorstep so may go a wander over there.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Word of the Week 13/08/2021 Holes #WotW

This was going to be last weeks word but I forgot to post! it still stands for this week though.

Madam likes her rock music. She also likes to bounce (sitting down I add not standing up thank goodness) on her bed as she gets into the beat. In doing so she has worn a hole in the mattress, not for the first time. So we are on the look out for a new one. Sir needs one too.

Last Wednesday I went to the dentist for a check up, he discovered a hole in one of my teeth and this Wednesday I went back to get the filling done. When I got home I fancied a drink of squash and because my mouth was still numb found it very difficult to drink. Much to the amusement of everyone else.

Yesterday I noticed that – again not for the first time – one of my tyres was flat. I phoned the local garage and they said I could bring it round there and then. I now have a nice new tyre. I asked if the old one had a puncture but apparently not unless it was a pinhole. Could also have been a bad seal against the wheel.

The settee also has a hole in it. To be fair it’s been there for ages, we need to look at either getting it mended or replacing it. Another hole in the bank account.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

Word of the Week 25/09/2020 Coughs and Colds #WotW

Last week I had a cold, this week Sir had it. With his cold came a cough, whilst not severe it did make me panic a little (a lot) so I phoned the COVID number. It didn’t take long to get through, and I spoke to a very lovely lady. We had a discussion about whether he would need a test, and she gave me some practical advice. She said that since I’d just got over a cold it was more likely this is what Sir had. She advised keeping an eye on him and if his cough became more severe or he got a temperature – or both – then phone back and she would book him in for a test. Fortunately neither of those things happened – thank goodness! This morning Madam said she had a cold – it may also have been PE-itus…

Of course our thermometer is an ancient Peppa Pig thing and the battery has gone. So I ordered a forehead thermometer which arrived today. Sir does not like being prodded and poked, so this will save a lot of upset should the need arise to use it.

We have no plans to go anywhere this weekend, staying in the warm will do everyone good.

Hope you all have a good weekend


Word of the Week 21/08/2020 Rigmarole #WotW

This week has been a proper rigmarole, many forms, many phones calls, everything seems to be a process.

I have at last sorted out Sir’s bank account! Filled out a form on line, took him into the bank with his birth certificate – job done!

This led to me renewing his passport, we aren’t planning on going abroad but he does need it for ID, so photos were taken, forms filled in, documents posted, fingers crossed! He gets an adult passport now he’s 16.

He didn’t get all his DLA so I had to phone the DWP in order to discuss why. All sorted now and I have received the first of many letters about claiming PIP for him. More forms…

These are very abbreviated versions of what’s been happening,  I’m planning a separate post about all the things that are happening now Sir is 16 and the rigmarole surrounding them.

I have the form for my car tax to deal with too. Hopefully that won’t be quite such a rigmarole.

Turning Sixteen With Fragile X

Sir will be sixteen in August – how did that happen! Since lock down I have received several letters about all the things that he currently is entitled that will either stop or change. I’ve never done any of this before so this is a learning curve for me. I decided to share my experiences so far.

Firstly is school. Last year I was asked to state if he would be going back into sixth form as at sixteen he could go somewhere else to continue his education. Sir is very much guided by his routine, and as such we decided the best thing would be to send him back to sixth form in September, he can then stay until he is nineteen.

At the moment he is entitled to free school transport, however when he turns sixteen that entitlement stops. I received a letter asking if I wanted to apply for his transport to continue, and had to fill out a lengthy form. If successful, it will cost £625 per year. A lot of money I know. The problem is, if he sees his sister getting on the school bus and he can’t, he won’t understand why. He’ll want to go with her and the ensuing meltdown doesn’t bear thinking. If he doesn’t get transport then Madam will have to give up her place too. Quite how it will all work in September what with social distancing etc I have yet to find out. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. They are supposed to give me a decision by the end of June.

Currently Sir receives Disability Living Allowance (DLA) when he reaches sixteen that will stop and he (me) will have to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This is to be paid directly to the person, however, if like Sir they don’t understand how money etc works you can apply to be an appointee, which is what I’m doing. In the meantime they ask you to confirm where you want his DLA paid until he’s sixteen. This led to one of his payments being returned because someone had typed in a wrong digit.. in fairness when I eventually got hold of the DWP they sorted the matter straight away.

The most recent correspondence has been from HMRC regarding his Child Benefit. We chose not to claim when the rules changed as Hubby would’ve had to pay too much extra tax. Despite that though if Sir continues in full time education he is still entitled to it, if he doesn’t it stops. Apparently if you are entitled to it, your National Insurance number is automatically generated, regardless of whether you claim or not – you learn something new every day! if not then you have to apply for it yourself.

So far I have had a confirmation email from transport that they’ve received my form.



March Gardening with a Social Distance

Has anyone else had those little seed pots from Marks and Spencers? They are brilliant! I have eight done at the moment, two lots of carrots, chilli, pepper, parsley, beetroot, radish and some violas. Plus some cress that is ready to pick. I have also planted some tomato seeds which were free with my Gardener’s World magazine.

My carrots have started to sprout! I have about seven and also a beetroot. I’m hoping the tomatoes will start to spring up soon.

I am currently waiting for some seeds I ordered online just as everything got locked down. Once they are here I can really start planting in earnest. I’m sure a lot of people will also be growing there own veg for the first time.

My lilies are starting to shoot up, and my azalea is in flower.


Where is the outrage?

Outrage is what keeps the likes of Twitter and Facebook in business.

There’s a Professional Dancer on Strictly – it says so on his/her Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profile OUTRAGE

There are no songs in the current BBC adaptation of Les Miserables OUTRAGE

Piers Morgan doesn’t like Vegan sausage rolls OUTRAGE

Vegans in general OUTRAGE

There are Easter Eggs in the supermarkets and it’s only January OUTRAGE

A group of people cross the channel in a dinghy OUTRAGE (from both sides of the debate)

A Controversial Figure says something OUTRAGE

The *wrong act* gets voted out of a *talent* show OUTRAGE

Person uses a racist/homophobic/transphobic remark  OUTRAGE (rightly)

Gender neutral toilets OUTRAGE

Disabled adults/children being changed on filthy toilet floors because suitable facilities aren’t available – SILENCE

Person says Retard/F*cktard/Libtard/Dotard S I L E N C E

Autistic teenagers locked up in windowless rooms – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people having all their teeth removed without their families knowledge or consent – SILENCE


Learning Disabled people suffering abuse after abuse after abuse AND NO ONE SAYS A BLOODY THING.

Many many many (far too many) “avoidable deaths” SILENCE

Promises of “lessons being learned” HA.

Children with SEND being excluded from schools and parents left without any support – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people taken miles from the families and effectively locked up – SILENCE

Inquests into avoidable deaths and the health authority is lawyer-ed up to it’s ears – the family have to rely on savings/legal aid and suffer unimaginable amounts of stress – SILENCE

If these things happened to any other minority group or indeed if it happened to an animal the outrage would be audible from space, so why not when it happens – and continues to happen to Learning Disabled people. You can blame any political party you like they are ALL guilty of it and NONE of them give a DAMN. Because The People don’t give a damn. They don’t think it will win them votes, so they waffle off some load of BS or other and think that’ll do. It won’t.

So come on Outraged of Twitter, Angry of Facebook I dare you, put your outrage to good use. Get angry about things that actually matter. Get on your soapbox for an actual cause.

As people are so fond of saying “this is 2019 not 1919”

Yes it is. So act like it.




Word of the Week 22/12/2018 Traditions #WotW

This word has nothing to do with my week overall, it’s more to do with today and tomorrow but this week has been so crappy I really didn’t want to write about.

Instead let me tell you about how I’ve decided that the nearest weekend to when the kids break up from school will be Festive Baking Day and we will make the Irish Whiskey Cake (that’s our Christmas cake) mince pies and anything else that takes our fancy. Sir loves baking at school so it will be nice for him to help me at home. He helped make the whiskey cake today.

Tomorrow (or nearest day to Christmas Eve) we will go to Leamington Spa to get the turkey and other assorted meat. There is a fabulous butcher over there, near where Hubby works and we get a lot of stuff from them. We may even have lunch out. We started this tradition last year, surprisingly the kids loved it!

On Christmas Eve we will open our Christmas Eve bags, pyjamas, books, activities, miniatures for Hubby and I and sweeties for everyone 😀 Normally I go shopping for “fresh stuff” but not this year as my In Laws are coming over, which has been something of a tradition for some years. I have got my veg from M&S as theirs lasts for ages, and will be fine on Xmas Day.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, celebrating with whatever traditions you have in your family xxx