Word of the Week 8/2/2019 Cough #WotW

I have The Cough ( I also have a pain in my knee) I’ve had it for nearly two weeks now and I’m sick of it. Sir has it too.

It’s kept me awake at night, I can’t get in to see a Dr until Tuesday.. and I made that appointment 2 weeks ago for my knee. I tried to get in before but no luck.

Went to the pharmacy and they gave me some medicine which to be fair has eased it.

My knee still hurts.

So hopefully my cough will cough off now…

Did I mention my knee hurts?


Achievements in January 2019

This thread has taken somewhat of an hiatus lately but I’m starting it again for the new year! Here’s what Sir and Madam have been up to in January:

Madam completed a 3D “ball” jigsaw by herself

Madam has been doing chores for pocket money

Madam has been enjoying drama lessons

Madam has been riding her horse unaided.

Sir has been asking “Alexa” the time, the weather and to play his favourite song

Sir has been doing chores for pocket money

Sir has been baking at school, he’s really good cook!

Sir made me a lovely cup of coffee.

Word of the Week 01/02/2019 Reschedule #WotW

For many reasons I have spent this week rescheduling appointments. I was supposed to go to the dentist on Tuesday but I’ve had a horrible cough so I rescheduled it for April.. it was the earliest date they had.

The kids parents evening times were rescheduled to ten minutes earlier, I’ve had to reschedule Sir’s dentist appointment because of a school trip. My mum has been trying to get everyone together for Sunday dinner and that ended up being rescheduled several times!

Sir went for a check up at the Dr’s that had been rescheduled.

I had tickets to see Lea Salonga at the Birmingham Symphony Hall on 1st March but unfortunately she’s broken her leg and the tour is rescheduled for July, sadly I’m not able to attend the new date 😦

The notice board in the kitchen is covered with letters about forthcoming appointments… I hope they all take place when they are supposed to!

Word of the Week 25/1/2019 Me Time #WotW

My plan to garner more time for myself has worked particularly well this week. I spent all of Monday having coffee and chatting with good friends.

On Tuesday I went to see my Mum and Dad as it was Mum’s birthday on Wednesday, there was tea and cake involved 😀

Wednesday my knee was playing up so I sat with my feet up, drinking fruit tea and chilling.

Yesterday I’d done all my housework for the day so I sat down and started watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I’m rather late to this party as it’s got to season 7 and been cancelled but there’s plenty to keep me entertained before I actually get to that (yes there was coffee too. and cake)

Today Sir is off school with an upset tummy (apparently) so my me time might be limited!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Word of the Week 18/1/2019 Replace #WotW

The trouble with doing a declutter is that you find things which need replacing.. so far I’ve had to get new car mats and a new sheet for the bed.. (don’t ask)

I also found a matching curtain for the door, I replaced the old one late last year but the new one wasn’t quite big enough, it’s taken till now to find one the same.

Finally my phone number has been transferred to my shiny new mobile I got for Christmas and the contract replaced by a sim only deal.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

Word of the Week 11/1/2019 Goals #WotW

I don’t “do” New Years Resolutions.. they never work for me! I’ve said before that January is possibly the worst month for starting anything, it’s so cold and dreary, I’m still sluggish after Christmas, I don’t need a “new me” I like the current me thank you!

BUT having said all that, I had some things in mind before the festive period and I’m putting them into action now.

My first goal was to use my recipe books more often.. of course in order to produce delicious home cooked meals of any sort you need to make sure you remember to defrost anything that needs defrosting first… *ahem* so that was my second goal! LOL!

My third goal was to have more *me time* now there are only so many hours in the day so I’m grabbing my me time where I can, be it enjoying a coffee in Costa or catching up with a TV programme, reading a book, taking a bath or whatever else it might be. I’ve found that cutting down on social media time has helped. I’m still there but I don’t sit mindlessly scrolling through hoping something exciting will appear and I’m far more productive because of it.

Another goal is is to tweet one positive thing about every day – I’m also writing them in my new diary.

So far so good!

Where is the outrage?

Outrage is what keeps the likes of Twitter and Facebook in business.

There’s a Professional Dancer on Strictly – it says so on his/her Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profile OUTRAGE

There are no songs in the current BBC adaptation of Les Miserables OUTRAGE

Piers Morgan doesn’t like Vegan sausage rolls OUTRAGE

Vegans in general OUTRAGE

There are Easter Eggs in the supermarkets and it’s only January OUTRAGE

A group of people cross the channel in a dinghy OUTRAGE (from both sides of the debate)

A Controversial Figure says something OUTRAGE

The *wrong act* gets voted out of a *talent* show OUTRAGE

Person uses a racist/homophobic/transphobic remark  OUTRAGE (rightly)

Gender neutral toilets OUTRAGE

Disabled adults/children being changed on filthy toilet floors because suitable facilities aren’t available – SILENCE

Person says Retard/F*cktard/Libtard/Dotard S I L E N C E

Autistic teenagers locked up in windowless rooms – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people having all their teeth removed without their families knowledge or consent – SILENCE


Learning Disabled people suffering abuse after abuse after abuse AND NO ONE SAYS A BLOODY THING.

Many many many (far too many) “avoidable deaths” SILENCE

Promises of “lessons being learned” HA.

Children with SEND being excluded from schools and parents left without any support – SILENCE

Learning Disabled people taken miles from the families and effectively locked up – SILENCE

Inquests into avoidable deaths and the health authority is lawyer-ed up to it’s ears – the family have to rely on savings/legal aid and suffer unimaginable amounts of stress – SILENCE

If these things happened to any other minority group or indeed if it happened to an animal the outrage would be audible from space, so why not when it happens – and continues to happen to Learning Disabled people. You can blame any political party you like they are ALL guilty of it and NONE of them give a DAMN. Because The People don’t give a damn. They don’t think it will win them votes, so they waffle off some load of BS or other and think that’ll do. It won’t.

So come on Outraged of Twitter, Angry of Facebook I dare you, put your outrage to good use. Get angry about things that actually matter. Get on your soapbox for an actual cause.

As people are so fond of saying “this is 2019 not 1919”

Yes it is. So act like it.