Word of the Week 2/2/2023 Errands #WotW

I have spent most of this week running errands of one sort or another. There weren’t any errands on Monday though, that was coffee with my friend and cuddles with her dogs 🙂

On Tuesday I had to return a jumper I’d ordered, bit annoyed because it was lovely, nice length and so on but the V neck was a little too deep for my tastes so back it went.

Wednesday I had to pick up a prescription and got lucky because I wasn’t very long my parking was free! I got home in time for my food delivery and the school to phone me saying Madam didn’t have her PE kit – she didn’t it was still in the boot of my car. So after I’d dealt with the shopping I went back to school and dropped off her stuff. My mum had asked me to get her a couple of bits on my order so I took those round on my way to work. I also had an important letter to post and no stamps! Fortunately our local supermarket has a post box and sells stamps.

Madam is doing an online photography course as her skill section of the Duke of Edinburgh award she’s working towards. We watched the first two videos and headed into the garden to take photos. I emailed them to school and she got a shout out in assembly for it.

I wasn’t going to go out today (Thursday) but I decided I’d rather have Friday “at home” apart from work so off into town I went. I got all the shopping I needed, spent a fortune and treated myself to a coffee. I also managed a phone call to the Doctor. Get me eh!

Tomorrow I might pop into the college that Sir is applying for, I emailed them last week with a query and I’ve not received a reply yet. There might be a couple of other online errands I need to attend to. I don’t mind those, I can do them whilst I drink my coffee!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/2/2023 Errands #WotW

  1. My goodness. You have been speeding through your list. I know the photography course you are doing. I was hoping mine would do it, but they went for music instead as their skills. Might encourage them to go back to it. Well done Madam on her photos. So good when schools celebrate their successes.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a busy week running all those errands! Free parking is always good. I like online errands as well – it’s nice to be able to tick jobs off the list while still enjoying a cuppa. Well done to Madam on getting a shout out for her photography. #WotW

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