January 2023

Oh my it’s been a long time since I wrote a gardening post! So first of all a very quick catch up from last year.

The cuttings and seedlings that were doing so well through October/November fell foul of the very cold weather that December brought. Everything froze and then turned to mush. Not just in the greenhouse either, I lost a few plants in the garden. I’ve pulled those that were beyond saving and cut back those that might be okay. Time will tell. I ordered a rose bush at the end of the year as I’ve always wanted one.

This month has seen my Spring bulbs start to push through, I have early daffodils flowering and for the first time ever Snowdrops. Bulbs from last year that I put in the border are also coming up. The kids and I had planters for Christmas with tulips in them and we did those at the start of the month.

I also sowed onion and chilli seeds, both I am pleased to say have germinated. They are on a heated propagator in the conservatory.

I have another pack of chilli seeds and some Verbenas I could sow this month (February) I’ll keep those inside too since we are still in winter!


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