Word of the Week 27/1/2023 Walking #WotW

I’ve been doing an awful lot of walking this week and if I’m really honest I did quite enjoy it. The car failed it’s MOT 😦 it ran out on Saturday and the garage couldn’t do the work until Wednesday. Hubby took the kids and I up to school on Monday and I walked home. It was really quiet and a sunny day which always helps.

On Tuesday Madam’s friend’s Dad gave me a lift home which was very nice of him. I had to walk to work and back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Because it was lunchtime there was hardly anyone about apart from the birds 🙂

Wednesday I did ALL the walking. I took my car and dropped the kids off then went to the garage and walked home. I walked to and from work. Hubby came with me to pick the kids up from school in his car. Later Madam and I walked to the garage to collect my car as she had a Dr’s appointment. We got the car first and then drove to the surgery.

I think I have definitely got my steps in this week!

Hubby said we could go for a walk on Saturday to get a new wiper blade for the car… I politely refused…

Photo by Tobi on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 27/1/2023 Walking #WotW

  1. That’s a shame about your car failing it’s MOT but it sounds like you have enjoyed all of the walking. I think if I had walked as much as you had over the past week I would declining the walk out on Saturday too. hehehe x

  2. haha, I had to laugh at you refusing your husband’s offer of a walk on Saturday. I hope the car is doing well now, I think you did well with all that walking. I used to walk everywhere, when we lived in our old house it backed on to the school, we had shops at the end of the road including food places. I worked in the local library which was on the same street that I lived. I didn’t like walking home with heavy bags of shopping though. We couldn’t live without a car now, mainly for hospital visits.

  3. It is nice to get out and walk especially if the weather is dry and sunny. Sounds like you certainly got your steps in – I’m not surprised you declined the offer of a walk at the weekend! Hope your car is all sorted out now. #WotW

  4. Sorry, the car failed the MOT. It is good to get some steps in though. I need to walk more. I keep saying I need to get a dog to get me out of the house more but having the kids to look after is enough for me at the minute! #WotW

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