Word of the Week 19/1/2023 Runaround #WotW

Seems I’ve done a lot of running around this week, Monday especially. After taking the kids to school, I then went back for Madam to go to her Podiatry appointment – which went very well. Took her back to school, went home for what seemed like five minutes then went to work. Home again to scoff a sandwich and back to school to fetch Sir. Come back home, sort him out then back again to get Madam from after school club!

Tuesday wasn’t so bad, I had a coffee morning with my friend and cuddles from her dogs 😀

Wednesday was fun. There are multiple roadworks in our town and on this particular morning a very nasty accident. So rather than get stuck in traffic I decided that we would walk to school. Much to the kids disgust. I admit it had snowed and there were some icy patches as Sir found out – oops. But it was quite pleasant and they got to school on time. I’m glad I didn’t runaround all the various ways to drive there, it would not have been very nice. Let’s just say the poor delivery drivers who brought my food order were stuck for three hours..

Today (Thursday) I took the car for it’s MOT which involved a bit of running around as it was right after the school run. I spent nearly an hour wandering around The Range instead of walking home to wait, I did buy something so I didn’t feel too guilty!

Tomorrow I’m having coffee with another friend. She only lives round the corner so no running around!

Photo by NikAff on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/1/2023 Runaround #WotW

  1. You have been busy with all the running around. I am glad Madam’s Podiatry appoiontment went well.
    It sounds like it was much easier to walk to school than drive on Wednesday, even if it was icy out. x

  2. I used to run around a lot when I could. I don’t think I miss those days, but my husband seems to enjoy having taken over (sometimes.) Payback for my running around after his Dad is that he runs around after my adult daughter. I really used to enjoy walking to school, especially in the snow! Anyway, I hope you are having a relaxing weekend x

  3. Some weeks are like that aren’t they with lots of running around! I can relate! I quite like walking to school – it’s been icy here too but no snow much to the children’s disappointment. Hope that all went well with the MOT and that you have been able to relax over the weekend. #WotW

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