Word of the Week 12/11/2022 Decorating #WotW

On Monday we are having our new hall stairs and landing carpet fitted so this past week Hubby has been preparing and painting the skirting boards. Unfortunately this has shown up the state of the walls… I would have preferred to get all the decorating done before having a new carpet but the old one is in such a state that wasn’t possible. It’s a neutral colour so it won’t matter what colour we eventually decide on for the walls. The hallway looks massive now all the clutter has gone from it!

Hubby had Thursday off and got all the painting done, so it will be well and truly dry when the carper fitters come. We treated ourselves to dinner out at a local pub. They had a few Christmas decorations up and I’ve noticed them creeping into the shops. Ours will go up a bit later this year because we’re away. So as well as decorating I’m trying to get Christmas wrapped up (boom!boom!) too.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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