September/October 2022

Double the update! I just have to try and remember all the things that happened.

The potatoes didn’t really happen. There wasn’t very many of them and they weren’t very big, but they were tasty and I got a couple of meals out of them.

The tomatoes did quite well in the end though I did end up ripening the last few on the windowsill. In related news my basil plants are still going strong. It’s lovely to have fresh herbs to cook with.

Blueberry bush is looking very autumnal!

Because of the lovely weather everything is still flowering, far from putting the garden to bed it still looks like summer out there. I have self seeded Violas, Snap Dragons, Cyclamen, Sweet Williams, Carnations, Fuchsia all are in bloom.

The greenhouse is full of seedlings, cuttings and plants that I’ve got ready for next Spring, though if it stays warm the Dahlia may be able to go outside, it’s certainly big enough.

Also I’ve been collecting fallen leaves to make leaf mould. I’m not sure how successful that was this year. The top layer was bone dry and the bottom a soggy mess. However I put in on the border and round the trees anyway. Since it costs me nothing to try again I’m having another go.

Lastly I’ve been planting my Spring bulbs. Tulips and Daffodils. Hopefully the tulips will do better next year.


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