Word of the Week 2/9/2022 Long Hot Summer #WotW

This year summer seems to have gone on forever doesn’t it? My kids six weeks holiday will actually have been SEVEN by the time they go back next week Seven weeks is an awfully long time. Not helped by the fact that we didn’t go on holiday – we’re away in November instead- and the fact it’s been one of the hottest on record. It’s all been far too long for both me and them.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to actually have a summer with decent weather but for us it was a little too much. Too hot to sit out, too hot to go anywhere, plus when we do go places, for example a nature reserve just across the road from our house, after ten minutes both kids had had enough. We have Drayton Manor about five minutes drive away but it’s expensive and again we’d not be there long enough to justify the cost. In some respects I’m lucky, my two are happy going to the garden centre or retail park. As long as there’s somewhere selling bubble mix!

I’ve been able to do lots in the garden and it looks completely different from the start of the year. It’s also been nice to hang the washing outside and save a little on the electric bill.

Now September has arrived and brought cooler autumn weather with it. Only Monday and Tuesday next week to go and the kids will back at school – Hooray! I realise that also means I’m back in work but I shall be going there for a rest LOL!

Photo by Nitin Dhumal on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 2/9/2022 Long Hot Summer #WotW

  1. I think these summer holidays have flown over but I think that was down to the fact that we lost a couple to Covid. It has been too hot, far too hot for me. My girl is back to school on Monday and it’s going to feel like such a long week. lol x

  2. My daughter doesn’t go back for another 12 days and she’s the only one going back now, it feels kind of strange not getting ready for back to school. It has been too hot to do much, but once you find something they are happy with then it makes life a little more peaceful. x

  3. I’m the opposite – the summer went quickly for me. It has been nice to have decent weather but yes it was too hot at times too. Hope that the return to school and work has gone well. I know what you mean about going back for a rest! #WotW

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