Word of the Week 21/01/2021 ARGH! #WotW

Never have I ever been so happy to see the back of week. If it could go wrong this week it did. Many, many times. Notable events are the car failing it’s MOT, a positive Covid case in Madam’s class, several cases at the school I work at, having trouble with Madam at school, Sir not having a clean school shirt to put on (twice), the school taxi being so late I had to take the kids in, and various other calamities.

Yesterday was a little calmer, the kids got to school, Madam’s been testing negative on her daily LFT’s, the car will be sorted out on Saturday, I got Ocado to bring me a second delivery so my shelves are now well stocked.

Hopefully next week’s word will be Boring and my world will be back to normal.

Photo by Sunsetoned on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/01/2021 ARGH! #WotW

  1. Oh dear, sorry that you’ve had such a stressful week. Some weeks are like that aren’t they with things going wrong. Hope that you get some time to relax over the weekend and that next week will be a better one. Glad the LFTs have been negative so far and hope that it stays that way! #WotW

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