Word of the Week 14/1/2022 Winter #WotW

I must admit I do like a nice winters day and this week has been full of them. Cold, frosty and in the case of today foggy starts with the sun coming out as the day goes on. The House Sparrows and whoever comes to lodge in the Dogwood outside my house have been very vocal lately. Berating me for having the sheer nerve to walk up my own drive.

I bought myself a new pair of gloves. I had at least three pairs at one point but no idea where they are. They may have been stuck in a charity bag during the last big clear out I had. I’ve been properly bundled up on the playground whilst the Little Dears run round without coats on… or at least they try to until I spot them and they get told otherwise!

Winter is a time for hunkering down. My curtains are drawn before dinner time, Hubby and I retire early to bed with a sniffter to watch programmes about wine, food or music on Netflix. I even managed to start reading a book I had for Christmas 2021…

Photo by photos_by_ginny on Pexels.com

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 14/1/2022 Winter #WotW

  1. Sounds such cosy vibes, reading this. We hope you continue to enjoy the days and nights you love. We’ve been watching some nouse buying and selling series on Netflix too.

  2. My favourite things about winter are wrapping up in loads of layers and spending lots of time cosying down in front of the tv or reading. I wear gloves in the house sometimes!

  3. I like the winter when the sun is shining, not so much when it’s grey and dull. Today has been a lovely day, it was warmer outside than in here when the heating wasn’t on.
    I buy us all gloves every year and they always go missing. x

  4. I like crisp cold days in winter especially when I’m wrapped up warm! Love the photo of the frosty leaf – everything looks much prettier covered in frost. Glad you’ve got some new gloves. It’s amazing how easily they go missing isn’t it? #WotW

  5. It has been cold, hasn’t it. There have been a few heating battles here. Even Little E has started turning up the heat without us noticing. She is one who also doesn’t wear her coat at playtimes!. I must admit I do love closing the curtains after the afternoon school runs #WotW

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