Word of the Week 21/05/2021 Visitors #WotW

With lockdown measures easing further I’ve been able to have visitors this week! well only one but still, it was nice to have my socially distanced, windows open coffee morning inside in the warm. In the warm says she, it’s May for goodness sake! anyway…

On Tuesday Hubby and I were the visitors, finally we have been allowed to see his Mum in hospital. There was much to-ing and fro-ing and confusion over the weekend but eventually we got there. It was nice to see her and hopefully our visit cheered her up.

There have been lots of feathered visitors in my garden and possibly a furry, four legged one that may or may not have broken all the new growth off Twig my raspberry bush 😦 I’ve put whats left into the greenhouse so wait see what happens #PrayForTwig

It would be nice if some decent weather decided to pay us a visit… I’m sick of wind and rain.

Hope you all had a good week.

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 21/05/2021 Visitors #WotW

  1. It has been lovely and strange to have people visiting. Thank goodness they’re allowed in as the weather has been so bad.
    I am sure your mother in law was glad of the visit x

  2. So lovely to have visitors again and I’m glad you’ve been able to visit your mother-in-law. Hope that Twig survives and that we have some nice weather visiting us soon! #WotW

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