Word of the Week 14/5/2021 Completed #WotW

Lots of processes coming to completion this week.

I finally received confirmation of my successful application for Carer’s Allowance. I started the process in March. Even better because my wages are less than the limit set by whoever decides these things I can carry on working.

Sir and I are booked in to get our second jab today. We are going to the same place we had the first one. Fingers crossed this one goes just as well.

Last year I had to apply for Sir to continue getting school transport, and I have to do the same this year too. I’ve filled the online form in – which seemed a lot shorter this time round. They will look at in 15 days apparently.

Hubby and I got some jobs done round the house, fixing chests of drawers and fitting a new Yale lock to the door when the other one broke.

I completed my to do list for the week which included hemming a pair of school trousers, moving the chilli plants to the greenhouse, stitching up a well loved teddy bear, and taking clothes to charity. Admittedly some of those things have been on the list a long time..

I completed the second series of A Discovery of Witches – loved the books, love the show.

And that’s completed my Word of the Week post 😀

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 14/5/2021 Completed #WotW

  1. Good luck with your jabs today, I get my second next week. I didn’t enjoy the Discovery of Witches books but I love the series, I’m currently 2 thirds through the second one.

  2. That’s great news about the carer’s allowance and about your’s and your son’s second vaccine. I hope you get no side effects.
    It sounds like you’ve had a very productive week x

  3. Completing things is so satisfying especially things that have been on the list for a while. I’m so glad you’ve got your carer’s allowance sorted out and that you and your son are having your second vaccine. Hope that any side effects are minimal. Hope that school transport gets sorted out successfully too. #WotW

  4. So glad you got the carer’s allowance. It can be such a pain to set up. I’m sure we will have to apply for transport again soon. I loved watching A Discovery of Witches I need to look into reading the books. I hope the vaccines went well #WotW

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