Word of the Week 7/5/2021 Pottering #WotW

This week I’ve mainly been pottering around the house and garden. Mostly due to the very unseasonal weather! There was nothing pottering or pattering about the rain over Bank Holiday Monday, wasn’t it awful?

So I’ve been doing all those “little jobs” that you never normally get round to, tidying sock drawers, deadheading the tulips, sorting out the bathroom cabinets, those sort of things.

On Sunday I spotted some brambles starting to grow within the hedge at the front of the house. I have a longstanding battle with them. However, as these things do, it soon escalated into removing dead branches – and dead brambles – which then led me to spot a massive bramble right near the middle of the hedge. I couldn’t get at it all but it’s considerably shorter! Filled the green bin up. I shall leave it now till the autumn.

Because the school I work at is used as a Polling Station I had yesterday off! it was lovely. I went into town, I don’t go that often as there isn’t much there, but I decided to get all the remaining birthday cards for the year. According to the woman in the shop I’m not the only one. I went to the out of town shopping park to get Sir some socks and then to Aldi. Home for a coffee and more pottering until the Ocado order came. Oh and I voted too. Hubby and I took a walk at lunchtime.

I really didn’t think I’d done a lot this week but it seems the pottering adds up!

14 thoughts on “Word of the Week 7/5/2021 Pottering #WotW

  1. Pottering is such a good word for your week – it’s nice to potter about and get things done. Sounds like you’ve had a productive week. I used to buy birthday cards for the year too – really must get back into the habit of doing so as it makes life so much easier. #WotW

  2. Sounds like a productive week. I had no idea the UK (that’s where you are, right?) had an election this week. I just looked it up though, these are the local elections, am I right? I hope whoever you voted for won the election.

  3. It’s amazing how much you can get done, while pottering. You sound like you’ve had a good week. I’m inspired by you buying birthday cards for the rest of the year. Why have I never done that? Also nice to have an extra day off. Hope next week is just as good, #wotw

    • I’ve never done it before either but I’m glad I did. I’d have got the Christmas ones too if they’d had them LOL!

  4. Pottering does add up! I also did the socks drawer too! I swear someone is getting rid of some and leaving one foot. It’s only when I then throw out the odd ones that their match appears somewhere else! I just tell myself we can never win this battle, lol.

  5. Your week of pottering sounds like something I very much need to do. I was only saying the other day I wish I could have two weeks off just to potter about the house and sort it out. I think I need to do a birthday card trip like that. I’m terrible with birthday cards at the moment #WotW

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