Word of the Week 19/2/2021 Different #WotW

Like many we have been on half term so our week has been very different. There was no home school (hurrah!), no work for me, no need to take Covid tests at three day intervals (I really didn’t miss that) and Hubby took two days off.

The week started with us celebrating Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, we basically used it as an excuse to eat lots of different delicious food hehehe. I did Sweet and Sour Pork on Friday, we had our steak night on Saturday and a very very nice M&S dine in for two (I had to buy it twice) on Sunday. It cost me £40 but worth every penny. We still have a bottle of wine left!

On Monday Hubby decided that it would be different to do a BBQ! the weather was good, I got a few bits in, burgers, sausages and chicken, served with salad and buns. He cooked it as a late lunch, obviously the nights aren’t quite light enough yet to cook outside. We really enjoyed it 🙂

Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday so that meant pancakes! I do realise this post has mostly been about food.. maybe that should have been my word! LOL!

Wednesday I took the kids shopping with me which was different for them as they haven’t left the house in weeks.

Yesterday I got out in the garden, did a bit of pruning, dug up a dead plant, I will put dahlias into the pot when they are big enough. That will be different as I’ve never grown them before.

Today it took several scenic routes to get to the supermarket.. many road closures by us at the moment.

And for my last different thing of the week (and yes it involves food!) I have ordered our Sunday dinner to be delivered from a local pub 😀 so no cooking for me! Sunday roast all round plus a couple of side dishes.. they even do dessert and nearly had me at Granny Apple Tart but I did not succumb!

I hope you enjoyed Half Term if you were off, have a lovely weekend x

6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 19/2/2021 Different #WotW

  1. Sounds like you had a good half-term, even if it was a different one with lots of yummy food., I love the idea of getting a Sunday roast delivered. How lovely to have a BBQ as well. Lovely to be planting different things in the garden too – I’ve changed my plans for the garden this year as well and will be growing a few new things. #WotW

  2. It sounds like you had a good half-term break. I think food is the only thing that changes in our lives at the moment. I know we are getting a bit obsessed with food to celebrate the different days. A delivered Sunday lunch sounds amazing. I would have had to have the dessert! #WotW

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