Word of the Week 20/11/2020 Back To Home School #WotW

Home school is back in session after a rather chaotic week that saw both kids then the whole school being sent home until 26th November.

Sir’s class was closed at home time on Monday due to staffing issues, he was meant to be home for the rest of this week.

On Wednesday Madam arrived home at quarter to ten in the morning – I thought she was the Hermes guy – saying her year group had been sent home after a staff member tested positive. There followed many phone calls and many messages until the end of the school day when they decided that it would be better to shut the school for a week and give it a deep clean. Other years have staffing issues too.

Both kids have settled straight back into it, we’ve done life skills, English, Maths, PE – that was a laugh.., Environmental Studies and Art.

Now everything has calmed down I’m finding it a lot less daunting than last time. I think because we’ve done it before and the school have now had time to put proper processes in place it works a lot better.

As well as lessons the kids have been building stuff with Lego and helping me with housework, they’ve not been stuck to their screens.

I hope you are all having a good week.

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 20/11/2020 Back To Home School #WotW

  1. Congrats on getting back into the homeschool rhythm. As a first-year home school family, we are finding that having a routine is so important. And once the pattern is broken (even for holidays and breaks) reestablishing that steady rhythm is not always easy—at least not for us 🙂

  2. Oh gosh! What a worry with Coronavirus being in the school. We have had a couple of cases in my girls school but so far it’s staying open with only a few classes being sent home.
    It sounds like the home schooling is going great. I was glad on Thursday when my youngest went back to school after self isolating. We are not cut out for home schooling. lol x

  3. I’m glad homeschooling was easier this time round. I think teachers have acquired a whole new set of skills since the beginning of the first lockdown. Horrible that coronavirus has temporarily shut the school. We’ve had a few classes sent home, but not my children. Fingers crossed. Well done for keeping them off the screens. #wotw

  4. It’s so stupid that there is not more safety for the poor kids in school. I think we’ve got off lightly, but my girls are on a reduced timetable with mostly home schooling and my youngest’s school seems to be doing really well with avoiding the virus. I hope you all stay well and things get back to normal soon xx

  5. Glad you’ve managed to get back into the rhythm of home-schooling. Most schools do seem to be more well-prepared for it now and I think it does make it easier for us as parents having done it earlier in the year. Hope that you all manage to stay well. #WotW

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