Word of the Week 1/8/2020 Teenager #WotW

Today (Saturday) is Madam’s 13th Birthday! she is now officially a teenager 😀 Yesterday she went to her friend’s house, her mum did some food and had bought a very chocolatey chocolate cake. The girls had a lovely time despite the fact it was so hot!

Madam requested a sponge cake with strawberry jam in it so I made that this morning, she’s asked for Indian food for dinner – which is fine by me as I have lots of packets and jars I can use 😀 She’s had two Equestria Girls dolls, a Taylor Swift CD, Angry Birds DVD and loads of pens, drawing pads and craft supplies. She’s had money too.

We are having a lazy day, unfortunately my parents are self isolating (they don’t have it!) and hubby’s parent’s live a way away, though she’s spoken to both on the phone.

Madam’s is the first of many birthdays this month, Sir, Hubby and my brother are all in August. We are thinking of going for a meal to celebrate all the birthdays later this month.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 1/8/2020 Teenager #WotW

  1. Happy birthday to Madam, so very close in age to my Boo. We have two more birthdays to go before the end of August. In fact, out of my five children, four were born in the Summer! I’m glad she had a lovely day and I hope you get a to have a family get together soon. x

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