Word of the Week 27/06/2020 HOT #WotW

Phew wot a scorcher as newspaper headlines used to proclaim, accompanied by a photo of thousands of folk crammed onto a beach. Nowadays those photos come with different headlines… I’ve never seen the appeal of rushing to an overcrowded stretch of sand pandemic or not. I’d rather be home in the garden, and that’s exactly where I have been when not at work – or hiding in the house!

I even dug out a sundress from the depths of my wardrobe!

I had a lovely socially distanced coffee morning with my friend whilst the patio was still in shade, very pleasant.

Of course today being Saturday it’s peeing down – typical.

Hope you are all okay, apparently it’s set to cool down a little next week.

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 27/06/2020 HOT #WotW

  1. It has been very hot, hasn’t it! I’m with you on preferring being in my own garden to being on a crowded beach on a hot day. How lovely to have a lovely socially distanced coffee morning with your friend. #WotW

  2. oh yes, I’ve never been fond of crowded beaches anyway. we are still staying home and have lots of time in the garden this week. I’m planning a socially distanced, outside catch up with a friend this week too. #wotw

  3. It has been a scorcher. We have mostly hid inside out of the sun. We’ve all been wearing shorts here but if the weather stays this way I might have to be getting my summer dresses out. x

  4. I am exactly the same! The sardines in a tin style beach does not attract me at all, and I don’t just say that as a bitter pregnant lady who is stuck at home. Thank goodness for gardens eh, even in the rain! #wotw

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