Word of the Week 27/09/2019 Fangirling #WotW

Yes I admit I’m a Fangirl. You can judge if you want I don’t care! My word for the week was nearly “excited” but I thought since there is an awful lot of horrible awful stuff going on in the world I would have a word that might make people chuckle even if it’s only a little bit 🙂

So back to the Fangirling well it started when I found out James Purefoy is going to play Philippe de Clermont in the next season of A Discovery of Witches – perfect casting! cannot wait! I then discovered that he and Matthew Goode did a wine show together! how I didn’t know this before I have no idea but my week improved considerably after I found out LOL!

Ball and Boe are releasing a new album, Il Divo are releasing a concert DVD – both are now on my Christmas list!

The TV adaptation of War of the Worlds is coming to BBC1 VERY SOON!!!! Robert Carlyle is in it and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

Also His Dark Materials is coming to the telebox very soon and I really can’t wait for that! loved the book, hated the film, thinking the TV folks may have got it right from what I’ve seen!

My Alice Cooper tickets finally arrived! so excited, have never seen him live before.

There is so much good stuff coming up, I intend to watch/listen to all of it and ignore the crap that’s going on. Who’s with me? I’ve got wine? Gin? Tea? Coffee? Biscuits?

6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 27/09/2019 Fangirling #WotW

  1. I love it. My kids used to call me a fangirl over David Boreanaz when he was Angel. My husband (who was merely my boyfriend at the time) prevented me from buying a 6ft cardboard cutout of him for my bedroom. I am so excited for His Dark Materials and War of the Worlds, and even though (don’t shoot me) I’ve not heard of James Purefoy, I’ve just googled him and I’m sure he’ll be a perfect Philippe De Clermont in Discovery of Witches. (for some reason the only program I’ve loved more than the books so far.) There’s definitely a lot to look forward too. I’m also a fan of Ball and Boe and Il Divo (although, I’m always stunned at the price of the concert tickets for Il Divo. x

  2. I’ll have a giant stack of hobnobs and sit over here in the corner and fangirl over all of that too!!!!!!!!!!! (except AC as I don’t have tickets for that LOL)

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