Word of the Week 9/8/2019 Outdoors #WotW

I wasn’t here last week, we were on holiday – our usual haunt of Centerparcs Sherwood Forest.

Outdoors really covers both weeks because we’ve spent a lot of time in the fresh air! Last Monday, the first day of our holiday was glorious, Hubby and I sat outside the lodge until about 10:30pm drinking G&T’s and chilling.

Thursday was the same. We went out for Madam’s birthday, Sir refused to enter the restaurant and long story short, the staff agreed to serve us outdoors at one of the neighbouring restaurants patio tables.

After we got home the weather was so nice I managed to get all the washing dried outdoors, and in fact yesterday I did the same. I love the fresh smell of laundry that’s been outside.

The kids and I have sat outside to eat our lunch, I cleaned up a couple of plastic patio chairs that were sitting in the garage doing nothing, wish I’d done it ages ago to be honest!

Here’s hoping the nice weather continues, it is sunny at the moment but it’s meant to rain this afternoon.

Have a good weekend all!

9 thoughts on “Word of the Week 9/8/2019 Outdoors #WotW

  1. We’ve just had a downpour of rain here 😦 I’m hoping summer will last just a little bit longer as we have our holiday coming up. I love Center Parcs, the last time I went was Whinfell Forest and I could still walk then, we hired bikes for the week and had so much fun. I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday. #wotw

  2. I can just imagine you sitting out and enjoying your G&Ts. Perfect. Glad you had a good holiday. We’ve been spoilt with all the good weather. It’s been a good summer. I’m going to ignore that it is raining now. Summer is not over. #wotw

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