Word of the Week 5/7/2019 “Like Buses” #WotW

Some things are like buses aren’t they? You wait for ages and then three turn up at once. This week’s proverbial buses have been appointments.

On Monday Sir had to go to the dentist, a surprisingly successful appointment as it happens.

Tuesday was parent’s evening, both kids are doing really well, Madam has blossomed in high school. Sir will be going to the upper school in September (along with the Sixth Form classes – he’s 15) how did that happen!

Wednesday afternoon was an appointment for me! I got my hair cut at long last, and made an appointment for Madam to get hers done at the weekend.

Yesterday I attempted to phone up to change a physio appointment for Madam, you phone a number and leave a message, trouble was every time I got to the bit where I could do that, my hay fever got the better of me and I had an almighty sneezing fit! Three tries it took me!

Today I need to phone up and book my car in for it’s MOT,  it’s due on the same day the boiler is due for a service. Like buses.



5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 5/7/2019 “Like Buses” #WotW

  1. It sounds like some great appointments. Well done to your children.
    Ugh! to the hayfever. I have been suffering too. Good luck with the MOT and the boiler service x

  2. Things always happen at the same time don’t they? We had a flood this week and the electric blew, just what you need in the middle of a renovation! Not a big one but enough to blow the electrics. I to have had a haircut this week, your hair always feels great when it’s newly cut doesn’t it?

  3. Wow that’s a busy week of appointments. Your comment about having to try three times to leave a message because of sneezing each time made me chuckle but I can imagine it must have been very frustrating at the time. It’s lovely when you finally manage to get your hair cut isn’t it? I had mine cut short recently and love it 🙂 #WotW

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