Word of the Week 08/06/2019 Unsettled #WotW

Things have been a little unsettled this week, mainly the weather.. I mean seriously? Not having a summer like last year then….

Madam was unsettled this week because she forgot to bring her swimming kit home, then wasn’t able to find it at school. I phoned the leisure centre but they didn’t have it, bless the lady who spent 10 minutes searching for it! The teacher messaged me yesterday to say they’d found it – after I’d got her another one obviously but it doesn’t hurt to have more than one.

Things are unsettled at work too, people leaving and so on. Roll on the six weeks holiday.



3 thoughts on “Word of the Week 08/06/2019 Unsettled #WotW

  1. I’m sorry things have been unsettled. My daughter has managed to bring someone else’s school bag home so she’s unsettled too, hoping she’ll get her bag back on Monday. It’s a shame you had to buy another swimsuit though. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. Unsettled weather here too … so-called summer, and we had the heating on one evening this week!!! One of those guys who has called the summer weather correctly the past w]few years, has said not to panic yet, there will be good weather … sometime. This guy is a retired postman, and judges these things by animal and bird behaviours and all sorts … been right before, so, here’s hoping. #WotW

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