Not a *Fan* of Fragile X – Pun intended…

Over the Easter holiday it was necessary for us to go to the supermarket and get the weekly food shop – after all we have to eat. The kids don’t mind, they like shopping and seeing how much unnecessary crap – I mean extremely important stuff – they can get in the trolley without me noticing. Sir refused to move from a display of bubble liquid and assorted paraphernalia until I agreed he could have some – it had been reduced to 25p, it would hardly break the bank so I was happy to oblige.

Then as we were heading to the checkout he spotted the fans. Sir loves fans. He watches Youtube videos of fans… and he wasn’t moving from that spot unless I got him a 16 inch desk fan. Not happening matey.

I continued to the checkout having told him NO several times, I figured he’d get fed up and follow me, I could see him and he wasn’t causing any bother to anyone else so I left him to it whilst I unloaded the shopping, packed the bags and paid. He still refused to move. I told him I’d get the big blokes from the freezers to come and shift him.. (Not really) I called him, I got Madam to try to shift him but to no avail.

The as if by magic, my Mum appeared! Huzzah! Nanny can always get the little buggers to do what they refuse to do for Mummy right? Wrong. He wouldn’t move for her either.

Forcing him to shift would just escalate matters and since he was calm, his shoes were still on his feet and I really wanted it to stay that way, I once again took a deep breath and told him we were leaving and no he wasn’t having a fan. Mum helped me escort him from the premises, Madam took charge of the trolley and we got out. The next time I went in (on my own) the fans had been moved.. can’t think why.. *ahem*

The staff were brilliant, the other customers were brilliant, there wasn’t anyone judging me. None the less you do tense up wondering just how far he’ll take it. That day I was not a *fan* of Fragile X…. 😉



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