Word of the Week 13/4/2019 Different #WotW

I noticed someone else had “Different” for their word – I’m not copying honest! My reasons are well… different!

Last Sunday was different, Madam, Mum and I went to see Disney on Ice, we’ve been before but they had different characters this time, like Aladdin that we hadn’t seen previously. All three of us really enjoyed it. Things have changed since I last went to that arena, they’ve closed the car parking kiosks so you have to pay inside, that was certainly different.

Things have been different at the kids school too, they had a Healthy Living Day, which meant the timetable was different, Madam didn’t mind one bit, she did some cooking and made a quorn mince curry. Sir however objected at first (throwing his t-shirt into the loo) but he settled and did an indoor orienteering course with his friend – which was very different, apparently he enjoyed it.

Yesterday.. oh yesterday was different.. there was a different bus guide, who the kids and I didn’t recognize.. Madam got on just fine but Sir had a meltdown and refused to leave the house.. suffice to say I took him to school and I picked them both up at home time so there wouldn’t be a repeat performance. That coupled with some other stuff.. yeah.

But now we are on holiday, so we can relax and take things easy. I have been roped in to help my Mum cook lasagne on Monday so that will be different!

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!


6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 13/4/2019 Different #WotW

  1. hehehe! It was me who had different as my word.
    Oh wow! Disney on ice is amazing isn’t it!
    The Healthy Living day does sound different. My girls love days like that where they go off timetable.
    Enjoy the holidays. We’re halfway through ours. x

  2. Sometimes a change can be good, but other times doing things differently can be very difficult and I can relate to that. Still, you have a nice break to enjoy now and lasagne is fun to make. x

  3. Disney on Ice sounds fab – glad you enjoyed it. I quite like the sound of the indoor orienteering course – glad Sir enjoyed it in the end. Hope you are enjoying the first week of the holidays. #WotW

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