Starting new fruit and veg for 2019

It’s nearly March and that apparently – according to the seed packets I’ve got- means you can start planting things! I ordered some potatoes at Christmas, they arrived at the end of January and they are just starting to sprout, the instructions say that’s the best time to plant them, I don’t want them going rotten, so since it’s a nice day, I’ve been out and planted them. In the kit were four potato tubers, three small grow bags, some plant/vegetable feed and also some free seeds! It only cost me P&P courtesy of being a Gardener’s World magazine subscriber. The only thing I’ve had to buy is some multi purpose compost.

It all seemed straight forward enough, fill the bags with compost, add feed, plunge the spud into about the middle of the bag and water.  Will be interesting to see what happens. Although the bags are plastic, they do seem to be reusable, which is a bonus.

Amongst the packets of seeds were tomatoes, so I dug out my small propagator and planted four of the seeds. I grew far too many plants last year, this time I intend to keep things at a more manageable level.

I took a peak at the onion seeds I planted towards the end of August.. nothing. I’ve pulled out what looks like might be them and I shall find something else to put in there.



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