Word of the Week 1/12/2018 Decorations #WotW

We normally put our Christmas decorations up the first weekend of December but due to colds and other commitments we are going to do it next weekend instead. Although the colds are already leading to us cancelling stuff so we’ll see!

I thought after my big tidy up earlier in the year I might get a few new decorations but to be honest I haven’t been able to find anything I liked. So I decided to make my own instead.

I got some ceramic tealight holders from Hobbycraft that you paint yourself, and some LED tea lights to go in them. My painting skills are negligible but they look okay. Now the kids want me to buy some so they can have a go 🙂 I also got one of those bottle brush tree things too in bronze which is quite pretty.

Rooting through the box containing gift bags etc I found a small box that I had a gift in, it’s pretty so I’ve put that out as a decoration.

There were a couple of Christmas cuddlies and snowman tins that the kids have in their rooms. I also have my wine bottle lights and pine cone basket.

I found a new place to hang a decorative stocking so it’s not in the way LOL!

Hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy December!


2 thoughts on “Word of the Week 1/12/2018 Decorations #WotW

  1. I hope the colds clear up soon. I love sorting through the decorations, I’ve had some for many years and they hold so many memories. I haven’t made any of my own for a long time though, well, apart from Christmas tree I crocheted last year! x
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw

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