Word of the Week 09/11/2018 Proud #WotW

I was going to have this as my word for last week, but then I didn’t have time to write the post so I’m having it this week as it still applies.

I was very proud of Madam on holiday, that girl is fearless when it comes to the swimming pool! She disappeared off down various water slides that were mainly in the dark, and having finally convinced her that her armbands aren’t helping anymore she actually swam on her own! It was a vague doggy paddle but even so she did it!

I was proud of Sir because he went off on the playground and joined in with other kids ๐Ÿ™‚ he also has stopped wearing armbands in the pool – they really weren’t helping him… he hasn’t tried swimming yet but he’s so tall he could probably stand up in most of the pool!

I was proud of myself because I drove home from Centerparcs! normally hubby does the *holiday* driving even though we take my car, but when we came to go home, he discovered he’d lost his glasses.. so I took the wheel ๐Ÿ˜€ He gave me directions (even though my car could probably find it’s own way home from there!) it’s the furthest I’ve driven in a while.

The last reason that I’m proud of the kids is a little sad, a young lady who was on the same school bus as them passed away at the weekend, I’m not sure how much the kids understand but I’m proud of them for dealing with it in their own way.


14 thoughts on “Word of the Week 09/11/2018 Proud #WotW

  1. Go them! They should feel very proud of themselves for going without armbands. It is a big deal. Real confidence. Also attempting new slides. I usually leave the long journeys to my husband too, unless I’m on my own, of course. Sorry to hear about their bus companion. Children seem to cope much better than we expect. #wotw

  2. So sorry to hear about your childrenโ€™s friend, what a tough thing for them to have to deal with. Well done to Madam for swimming on her own – sounds like she had fun in the swimming pool – and to Sir for joining in with the other kids. I tend to leave most of the driving to my hubby too! Well done on driving back from Centerparcs. It sounds like you had a good holiday. #WotW

  3. I totally ‘get’ the driving thing – in the 24 years I’ve known my husband he has always done the driving for the big journeys just because he enjoys it and i don’t but it’s left me almost unable to do motorway driving. When we headed to alton towers in the summer, I insisted on driving us half-way there just to build up my confidence – hated it but felt glad i did it. So I feel really proud of you for that too! #wotw

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