Word of the Week 08/07/18 Windows #WotW

For the past month or so I have been trying to find ways to keep the house cool without opening the upstairs windows until Sir is asleep. You see he has a *thing* about them being open, he doesn’t like it and protests by launching much loved cuddly toy outside via said window.

So far I’ve kept the curtains closed, window on a latch (locked) and then when the kids have gone to school I’ve opened every window we have. Of course at the weekend this causes issues.

last night however I decided I’d had enough, Sir’s bedroom was so hot you couldn’t breath in there, no way was I letting him sleep in it. So I opened our bedroom windows, naturally cuddly toy took a fly but I didn’t care. I told Sir why they were open and then distracted him by offering to play with his train set with him.

Today it was stuffy again so I’ve opened our window, so far so good… hopefully the more he gets used to one upstairs window being open the less he will throw stuff out.. fingers crossed eh?



4 thoughts on “Word of the Week 08/07/18 Windows #WotW

  1. I bet that has been so tough our windows are open all the time, I bet you slept well last night with them open x

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