Word of the Week 15/6/2018 ATCHOO! #WotW

I hate hay fever.. and this week I have been utterly floored by it. Monday was definitely the worst, I have never known anything like it. My eyes itched, my nose just streamed and as for the sneezing.. I just didn’t stop! I’ve had no energy, done no housework, been grumpy – okay so maybe that wasn’t all hay fever but it didn’t help!and the meds just didn’t touch it.

I went to the dentist on Wednesday and my eyes started to stream mid check up! the dentist actually asked me if I was okay, she thought I was crying! so embarrassing.

It’s eased off now thank goodness, hopefully the pollen will stay at a manageable level.

Hope everyone has a good weekend


10 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/6/2018 ATCHOO! #WotW

  1. Oh no, sounds awful. I’d noticed the pollen count was very high this week. I get mine in the spring so am OK now, but I do know the feeling and it’s horrible. Hope it eases soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Its been a tough couple of week with hay fever hasn’t it? Even our boys have suffered who have not for years x

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