Homegrown veg update 28/5/2018

Yesterday I picked the first of the lettuce leaves I’ve been growing and I must say they were very nice. So fresh – obviously because they been on the plant until five minutes beforehand!, free from any nasty chemicals, no bugs hidden inside, and way better than the supermarket fare. I’ve planted some more so that in a few weeks I’ll have a new supply.

The tomato plants are doing brilliantly, they are all out from the propagator now and are sitting on the window sill of my conservatory. They will be staying there for the duration, last time I put tomatoes outside they were destroyed by a combination of bugs and weather.. I’m going to give a couple to friends and family as well.  Yesterday I put three of them into a bigger pot.

The spring onions, carrots and peppers are all doing well too.

My hardy little white flowering plant has finally run it’s course, so I’ve pruned it down and there is new growth coming through. I think all the old foliage was blocking it so now it can grow freely.

The fuchsia cutting I took for my friend is still going strong and she can have that after the half term.

My outside plants seem to have survived the deluge from the recent thunderstorms thank goodness. I’m trying to keep the hedge at the front of the house down but that’s not an easy task!  Weather seems to be brightening up now so maybe I’ll go and have a potter outside.


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