Word of the Week 18/05/2018 Asking #WotW

If you don’t ask then you don’t get as the saying goes, and I’ve done quite a bit of asking this week.

I asked about having an extra bin as Sir’s pads generate extra waste for us, I was unaware until recently that you could do this but I’ve been successful and the new bin will be here within 10 days.

I have filled out an online form asking if we can be put on the Priority Register for electricity customers, there are various criteria including Developmental Conditions so we’ll see what happens.

On a lighter note, I asked the organisers of the upcoming Il Divo tour if there would be Meet and Greet upgrades available.. they said watch this space.. so I’m watching LOL!

A friend asked if I would do her a cutting from my fuchsia, I’ve never done one before, so I looked online to see how to do it.. thought I’d killed it yesterday! but it’s rallied!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


8 thoughts on “Word of the Week 18/05/2018 Asking #WotW

  1. That is great news about the bin. It sounds like you need it.
    Ahh! I had a text about the Priority Register for electricity earlier in the week. About if we have a power cut they will help us first. We didn’t qualify.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  2. I didnt know you could take cutting from Fuscias, I am going to take one off mine before we move, and yes I bet you need an extra bin you should ask. I have seen IlDivo they were amazing x

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