Homegrown veg update 28/5/2018

Yesterday I picked the first of the lettuce leaves I’ve been growing and I must say they were very nice. So fresh – obviously because they been on the plant until five minutes beforehand!, free from any nasty chemicals, no bugs hidden inside, and way better than the supermarket fare. I’ve planted some more so that in a few weeks I’ll have a new supply.

The tomato plants are doing brilliantly, they are all out from the propagator now and are sitting on the window sill of my conservatory. They will be staying there for the duration, last time I put tomatoes outside they were destroyed by a combination of bugs and weather.. I’m going to give a couple to friends and family as well.  Yesterday I put three of them into a bigger pot.

The spring onions, carrots and peppers are all doing well too.

My hardy little white flowering plant has finally run it’s course, so I’ve pruned it down and there is new growth coming through. I think all the old foliage was blocking it so now it can grow freely.

The fuchsia cutting I took for my friend is still going strong and she can have that after the half term.

My outside plants seem to have survived the deluge from the recent thunderstorms thank goodness. I’m trying to keep the hedge at the front of the house down but that’s not an easy task!  Weather seems to be brightening up now so maybe I’ll go and have a potter outside.

Word of the Week for 25/5/2018 Answered! #WotW

I’m late to this party so I’m not going to put this on the linky, just leave it here.

Last week’s word was “Asking” and this week I have been “Answered!”

The new bin arrived this morning, shortly after our main bin had been emptied. I have some stickers with our address on so I will stick one of those to it.

We received a letter on Saturday confirming that we had indeed got on to the Priority Service Register for the electricity company.

I got my Meet and Greet upgrade for the Il Divo concert! and also found out that Michael Ball will be appearing at selected dates.. including mine! very happy bunny here 😀

I went to an informal meeting at the high school for when Madam goes in September, found out some useful info regarding Sir too.

The cutting I took for my friend is still going! and I’ve asked if she wants one of my tomato plants too, I asked my Mum too.. I’ve got loads of them!

If you are on half term this week I hope you all have a good one!

Word of the Week 18/05/2018 Asking #WotW

If you don’t ask then you don’t get as the saying goes, and I’ve done quite a bit of asking this week.

I asked about having an extra bin as Sir’s pads generate extra waste for us, I was unaware until recently that you could do this but I’ve been successful and the new bin will be here within 10 days.

I have filled out an online form asking if we can be put on the Priority Register for electricity customers, there are various criteria including Developmental Conditions so we’ll see what happens.

On a lighter note, I asked the organisers of the upcoming Il Divo tour if there would be Meet and Greet upgrades available.. they said watch this space.. so I’m watching LOL!

A friend asked if I would do her a cutting from my fuchsia, I’ve never done one before, so I looked online to see how to do it.. thought I’d killed it yesterday! but it’s rallied!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Achievements in April 2018

Sir has:

Continued to do very well with not bringing home washing from school

Recognized that he gets stickers if he’s a good boy and started asking for them!

Went on a school trip to a soft play area and thoroughly enjoyed himself

Helped me plant vegetable seeds

Helped me keep my laundry up to date

Pushed the shopping trolley round the supermarket


Madam has:

Been doing really well at school, listening, paying attention and joining in.

Tried swimming without armbands

Dragged me down a water ride at Center Parcs

Gone off independently to go on water slides at Center Parcs

Been learning about saving her money for things she wants


If at first you don’t succeed…

or seed in this case… my basil seeds are not doing anything, no little green shoots, nothing. So I’ve scraped them out of the tray and put them in the green bin. My mistake was to plant ALL the seeds at once so today I bought a fresh pack today, planted roughly five seeds into a smaller pot and put it in the propagator.  Fingers crossed.

My sunflower seeds are not doing anything either so they will go the same way.. I only planted two so again I’ve put another two in a pot and we’ll see how they do.

I might see if I can take a cutting from one of my house plants and put that in the little festive pot instead 😀

My veg is fairing much better though, my tomatoes, lettuce, spring onions, carrots and peppers all have green shoots now 🙂

I’ve also planted some other flower seeds.

My next task is to do a hanging basket for the back garden. I just need to get a few plants.

Hopefully the weather will stay nice this weekend so we can all get outside!