A Different Holiday At Centerparcs – Sherwood Forest.

I admit, it is not different for us to go to Centerparcs at Sherwood Forest, we even stay in the same villa, and we go at roughly the same times each year. So what made it different this time?

The weather for a start! I’ve never known it so foggy in April, it was cold too. Not just early morning Spring mist but proper Autumn fog, all week…but it did not deter us!

We got there early on Monday, headed straight for the Sports Cafe for breakfast and started our break. The kids played in one of the play areas for a while then we headed to the swimming pool. We had a quick coffee and bite to eat at Starbucks, not something we normally do then headed to the villa to unpack. That evening we had booked the “Early Dining Experience” at Hucks, this is a new thing they are doing so obviously this was different. My kids are older and eat like horses so we paid an extra £5 (each) to upgrade their meal to a *teenager* meal well worth it as the Junior Buffet no longer cuts it for them. We all really enjoyed our food, it’s a really good idea for a first day.

On Tuesday it was back to the pool and my goodness I have never seen it so busy! I think the weather drove everyone inside! But because the Swimming Paradise is HUGE there really is room for everyone. We found sunbeds down by the activity pool, yes it’s hidden away but there is a life guard, it’s quieter and a sunbed beats a plastic chair right? so that was different. We had decided to have a late lunch at the Pancake House, we hadn’t been there for lunch in ages, it was lovely. I may have been a bit naughty and had a the Danish Apple waffle for pudding…

Wednesday we had pre booked a table at Bella Itallia for dinner, so we had lunch in the villa. Spent most of the morning/early afternoon in the pool. Madam and I braved the Grand Cascade ride! all the time it’s been there and I’ve never been on it, so that was a different thing to do 😀

Again our meal was delicious, kids made short work of pizzas and we had pasta.

Thursday back to the pool, back down the Grand Cascade and Madam decided to go on some of the other water slides too. We went into the outside pool (it is heated!) and we were joined by two ducks! that was certainly different! Then it was off to the Sports Cafe for burgers and a beer! Not the kids though! they had squash LOL!

We had several visitors to our villa, a goose who decided to play tap the window, several squirrels, moor hens, ducks and a pheasant!

Normally on Friday, being the last day we go back to the Sports Cafe for breakfast, but in keeping with being different we went to Cafe Rouge instead. I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, very posh and very nice!

We are already looking forward to our next visit!

*We paid for this holiday ourselves (in case you were wondering) all thoughts and photos are mine.



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