Word of the Week 12/1/2018 Organized #WotW

This year I have decided I am going to be a bit more organised. I’m fed up of the daily “What’s for dinner?” dilemma, fed up of being in the supermarket every day because we’ve run out of this that or the other, fed up of not being able to find time for myself.

So I’ve done a little journal, not one of the fancy bullet journals, just a book I already had that now contains many many lists LOL! No offence to those that do bullet journal by the way!

Even though I’ve only done it this week, I feel as though I am actually getting somewhere! we’ve had three out of four home cooked meals this week and the only reason for that was meat not defrosting or it would have been a home run! This is also due to me trying to lose weight (again)

We’ll see how it all goes but so far so good! I even got a couple of blog posts in.. get me eh? LOL!


15 thoughts on “Word of the Week 12/1/2018 Organized #WotW

  1. Lists are a life saver, there’s no way I would remember half the things I need to without one. Good luck with your organising x #WotW

  2. You can’t beat a list to make you feel organised and more productive can you?I’ve started listing down all the food that is in my freezer so I can see what we have rather than rooting around inside it, so much easier for meal planning. #wotw

  3. oh yes, lists are the way to go, even if you don’t complete everything at least you know you’ve tried and succeeded in a lot.

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