Talon – The Pokey Hole, Waterfront, Conkers 12/08/2017

Talon have a formidable reputation as THE Eagles tribute band. This year they are celebrating their 20th Anniversary. They’ve been on our *to see* list for a quite a while, but we always seem to miss them on tour. Not this time though.

I have to be honest here and say I didn’t even know Conkers (which is set in the heart of the National Forest and offers all kinds of indoor/outdoor nature experiences) had a music venue. It’s an amphitheatre with a big top style roof and steps to sit on.. except last night there were chairs, not allocated though so I acquired a couple from right at the back and added them to an existing row 😀 Drinks and food very very reasonable prices. Limited parking though.

The support act the Ann Duggan Band was already in full swing when we got there having misunderstood the door opening times, I’d never heard of her but she was really good, singing blues and country style songs.

After the interval, the compare announced that instead of the normal 95 – 100 minute set that Talon normally did at that venue they would be doing the full theatre show! Two hours with a short break.

There is a reason Talon have the reputation they do and it’s because they deserve it. Are they a carbon copy of the Eagles? No. They are bloody good musicians,singers (one of whom does sound like Don Henley) and entertainers. They write and perform their own material alongside the Eagles stuff too.

Last night’s “History of the Eagles” set included Hotel California (of course) The Last Resort (a marathon of a song and very well done to the guy who sang it) Take It To The Limit, Take It Easy, Love Will Keep Us Alive, New Kid In Town, Lyin’ Eyes, Rocky Mountain Way, Boys of Summer and The Heat Is On – which got a massive cheer. They also did Midnight Flyer, 21, and many many more.

Nearly three hours of music for £25. I feel I should offer them more money…

They pick up the tour again in seven weeks and carry on next year. If you like the Eagles, you will love Talon.

*no photos or videos this time


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