Word of the Week 11/08/2017 Crazy #WotW

The weather this week has been crazy! I can’t remember having so much bloody rain in August! Last year we had loads of BBQ’s and sat outside to eat.

As a result the kids and I have been going stir crazy not being able to even so much as go in the garden. The other evening when the sun eventually came out I took a chair, sat on the decking and read my book for a while just to get outside and some fresh air.

Wednesday night I’d really had enough so I decided that come hell or high water the kids and I were going somewhere the next day! and not the supermarket either ( sick of going there too..)

A quick look online found an Enchanted Castle event at the castle in town, no need to book, reasonable price, that’ll do I thought. So we spent a lovely morning in the castle and grounds 🙂

We also discovered a wasp nest in the garage.. prices for exterminators to come out are crazy so we got some cans of Raid and smothered the little blighters in that. We seem to have won as I found a was that was much bigger than the others, presumably the Queen, and the nest has started to fall apart when I spray it.

So far this morning the weather is nice so let’s hope it continues!


11 thoughts on “Word of the Week 11/08/2017 Crazy #WotW

  1. All the nice weather was before school broke up. Frustrating. We’ve been rushing out when the sun comes out, just to stand a chance of having a summer. Horrible when the wasp nest is a bit too close. I don’t like destroying them, but we had one by the front door one year, which meant that they attacked every time we came up the path.Brr. #wotw

  2. We have had dry weather most of the week and today we have got the rain. Pj’s all day for us. hehehe
    Eek! Wasps nests are scary. I’m glad you have got it sorted without having to pay too much x

  3. angiemwebster77

    It definitely feels like Autumn has arrived early not only with all the rain but the darker evenings too. Glad it stopped long enough for you to all enjoy the castle. #WotW

  4. So frustrating with all the rain – we were going stir-crazy as a result too but thankfully this week has been much better so far. Glad you managed to get out though and fingers crossed that Raid has managed to do the job with the wasps nest. #WotW

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