Enchanted Castle event at Tamworth Castle

After being stuck in the house for what seemed like forever because of the rain, on Wednesday night I made the decision that regardless of weather we were going out on Thursday and not to the supermarket either!

I looked online for local events and found that Tamworth Castle were running an Enchanted Castle event, no need to book, reasonable price, Madam would love it.. not sure about Sir though. Tamworth Castle has very nice grounds and a large playground so I thought I’d take them there first, then for a drink at the park cafe then on to the castle dependent on Sir’s mood.

Thankfully the weather was lovely and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the playground. It was great to see them playing together on the see saw and swings. The park was busy but not crowded which was great.

After having a drink we went on the long, up hill walk to the castle and joined the end of a queue. They were a little late opening and Sir was getting fidgety but once we were in and paid he was fine. I let him lead where we went mostly, as it was a “wander round by yourselves” event rather than a guided tour which suited us better. We went in the armoury and both kids had a go at pulling a sword from a *stone*

Up a couple of flights of stairs and we encountered the first of the fairies. They were polishing armour for the giant and making chain mail. Madam was happy to have go, Sir wasn’t so sure. The fairies and I tried to encourage him and in the end he did come in the room, sat down and started polishing armour πŸ˜€ He then had a go at the chain mail.

He wanted to go up to the top of tower, he was fine going up.. coming down was different matter..Β  at one point he stopped and refused to move, in the end I had come down the stairs on my bum so he’d follow me the same way.. thank god no one was around!!

Anyway, after seeing some more of the castle we found another fairy and she explained that goblins had made plants grow in the castle rooms. The only way to get rid of the magic was to make a wish on the wishing tree. Madam made her wish, Sir was a little more reluctant, before we left I asked him again and he said yes! he hung his wishing leaf on the tree πŸ™‚

The next fairy we came across told us how he was making goblin traps and how they were leaving spell tablets about the place that made people’s hair change colour LOL! Madam then had to take a spell tablet and put it in spell prison (put in a bottle of some liquid and watch it fizz)

On the way out was a maze of wooden fences and flowers, at the end a white tent with two more fairies in it who were also very nice, didn’t mind that Sir at first wouldn’t go in and then charged straight through without a word to them. Madam stopped to chat, and got a lollipop for herself and Sir.

I must say thank you to all the fairies for their patience with Sir and for encouraging him to take part but not minding when he didn’t want to. Both kids really enjoyed themselves.


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