Word of the Week 28/07/2017 School #WotW

Even though we have only been off for a week, school has been at the forefront of my mind this week. To cut a long story very short and also because I don’t want to say too much yet, Madam will be changing schools after a short transition period during September. She is going to the primary school that Sir went to, we only found out the day before we finished for the holidays. I collected the Welcome Pack and have been filling out a myriad of forms. There are a lot of mixed feelings but ultimately it’s the best thing for her and we are all happy.

So I’ve been ordering school uniform, I wanted to make sure I had everything in time since the polo shirts have to be embroidered. They arrived today along with two sets of school trousers, pe shorts and socks from M&S. I ordered from there because they’ve had the genius idea of having easy up trousers in bigger sizes. They have been designed with Autistic kids and kids with sensory issues in mind. The label is in the pocket, they are half elasticated and there are no zips. I got Sir’s in size 14/15, they fit brilliantly. They are £17 for two – smaller sizes might be cheaper.

Today we went and got Madam some shoes… oh we are going to have such fun shopping for shoes to fit round her splints.. not. We did get her feet measured properly though so at least I have a starting point.

I still need to get her a new swimming costume, Sir new school shoes (double joy) and maybe new lunch bags.

I’ve sorted out their old uniforms, I have loads of school trousers, some of which have never been worn which will go to the school for *spares*

I also put away Sir’s school jumpers which he refused to wear and are now too small. Hopefully Madam will go to the same high school so she can wear them. He had an unworn white pe t-shirt which I have passed on to her too.

Hopefully I can put school on the back burner now! for a week or two anyway LOL!


6 thoughts on “Word of the Week 28/07/2017 School #WotW

  1. You have been busy, and that sounds like a big change, but glad it’s one for the better. I like to get all of mine done early in the break, too, so that I can then forget about it! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Sounds like you have been very busy preparing for school and glad that Madam is going to go to the same school that Sir went to. I love M&S for school trousers but had to make Jessica’s last two pairs as she is so slender that trousers which fit her around the waist end up being far too short in the leg. Hope you manage to find some school shoes that will fit around the splints. #WotW

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