Ankle Braces for Madam #FragileX

One of the main problems that Madam has as a result of Fragile X is Hyper mobility in her joints. She has very floppy ankles, her joints twist in all directions and she stands at “quarter to three” rather than “ten to two”

Up until now she has been wearing Piedro stability boots, but because she is getting older, taller and heavier the boots are no longer working for her. The leather wears and softens leaving her with little or no support. The Orthotist had mentioned braces before but didn’t want to spoil the muscle tone she has in her legs as it is really good, also he didn’t want to restrict her range of movement.

The braces fit like a shoe round her foot then you put her actual shoes over the top. They are a white opaque plastic and are really discreet.

She had the ankle braces just before we broke up and I can see a difference already, she is standing up straighter. Also she can wear any kind of shoes she wants – providing the braces will fit in them. I think we may need to go up a size in order to achieve that.

Madam loves them, they are lighter than her boots and she is very excited to be getting her first pair of shoes in a long time.

I did post of picture of the braces on my Instagram

Because they are plastic you can wash them in warm soapy water which is useful.

We go to see the Orthotist again in September to see how she is getting on but personally I think she will be fine with them.


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