Word of the Week 15/07/2017 Colds #WotW

Madam got it first and then the lurgy started to spread round all of us as these things do. At first I thought my hay fever was back, after all I’d gone a whole TWO DAYS without it but no, it was a cold.

Sir came home on Thursday, bless him he did not look very well and I did wonder of I’d have to keep him off on Friday but after a good night sleep he seemed better. He still has a cough and a croaky voice though.

I decided not to send Madam to horse riding today as she was coughing this morning and is generally grumpy. I didn’t think being around hay and horses would do her much good.

Hubby has started sniffing and sneezing now.. of course his cold will be MUCH worse than ours LOL!



5 thoughts on “Word of the Week 15/07/2017 Colds #WotW

  1. Ahh! I feel your pain! Summer colds are the worst!
    I started with what I thought was hayfever on Monday and I’ve got worse since. I now have a cough and it hurts. Ugh. Both my girls started with it a couple of days ago but so far they don’t seem too bad. Phew!
    I hope you all feel better soon x

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