#SSAmazingAcheivements 07/07/2017 Going to High School

Madam’s year group have been visiting the two local high schools for some lessons this week. They are coming to the end of Year 5 and in September they will enter their final year at junior school. We will then have to decide which high school we want our kids to go to.

Our plan is not to send Madam to either of them but instead send her to the one that Sir attends, however places are limited and we need a plan b.

They spent a full day at the school I went to on Tuesday, Madam enjoyed herself and said the teachers were very nice. I had the opportunity to have a look round, and not to say too much but it isn’t the right school for her.

Yesterday they visited the other high school, there was no opportunity for me to go as they have just had their open evening which I missed as I was out, but according to Madam’s Key Worker Mrs B. this school is a far more suitable alternative. I phoned them this morning to make arrangements to go for a look around, fingers crossed.

Madam coped brilliantly at both schools, she joined in well with the lessons and wasn’t phased by it.


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