Word of the Week 30/06/2017 Forgotten #WotW

Everyday this week there seems to have been something I’ve forgotten about, not just small stuff but big important stuff that meant I had to run round and sort it out straight away.

I’d forgotten to order Sir’s supplies so on Monday I had to get that done, I’d also forgotten to phone the local education authority about a letter regarding Madam so I did that too.

On Tuesday I realised I’d forgotten to get birthday presents for my in laws and my Dad from the kids so I had to raid the supermarket for stuff as my in laws were coming over on the Wednesday to baby sit.

Then when I cooked dinner for us all, I forgot there was seven people and only put six pieces of chicken in.. I had to cut bits off the bigger pieces and I had the *made up* dinner. Hubby and I went to see Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.. I forgot how old I am and rocked the night away.. paid for it on Thursday.. LOL! The Sweet were the support act, I’d forgotten how many of their songs I know!

As Sir’s bus arrived this morning I was busy writing raffle ticket stubs and looking for a £5 note because I’d forgotten all about them and they had to be handed in today – whoops.

I had to take a trip to pick up some trousers I’d ordered and had forgotten about collecting..

Also after being out all morning today I got home to find I’d forgotten to charge the kids tablets (serious Mummy fail) and also I hadn’t taken anything out for their dinner.. fortunately they were happy with sausage and potato wedges.

There is also something else I’m sure I should have done but for the life of me I have no idea what it is….





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